Monday, March 24, 2008

4000 ... and still counting.

Ah, the good old days:

Ah, the not-so-good, newer days:

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000
Grim milestone reached when IED kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

If only they were fetuses, Canada's conservatives would care.

Yes, Rich, I'm sure you are. That's a good boy.


Rev.Paperboy said...

just remember, it's not a quagmire!

Actually, it's beginning to smell a lot like Vietnam

The Seer said...

I continue to believe that the "Iraq death toll" includes those who died "in Iraq," before the wheels on the plane taking the injured to Rhamstein lifted off the runway. In other words, I believe the actual death toll is substantially higher.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Well, I guess it serves me right for blogwhoring, but would someone come and sweep up after "Alpha Male" -- he's your troll, he just followed me home.