Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yeah, that looks "reclaimed." Movin on', then ...

Hey, campers ... remember how Blogging Tory "BR" was getting all stroked about that sweet Syncrude reclamation goodness? Not surprisingly, what we have here is pretty much lipstick on a pig (emphasis added):

EDMONTON — A former dumping ground for earth removed from a bitumen strip mine has become the first piece of land officially certified as reclaimed from any of Alberta's oil sands, a step both Syncrude and government officials called a milestone in easing concerns over the megaprojects.

But environmentalists say the certification doesn't mean much, since the reclaimed site bears little resemblance to the open pits and tailings ponds that will be the real challenge.

The 104 hectares of forest and ponds about 30 kilometres north of Fort McMurray is once again home to deer, coyotes and other wildlife, Syncrude spokesman Alain Moore said.

If people aren't looking closely, it blends into the natural landscape,” he said. “It's a big milestone for us.”

Read it all. Really. But don't expect any sheepish retractions from BR. BR's a Blogging Tory, and Blogging Tories don't do reality. That's just not the way they roll.

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