Thursday, March 27, 2008

And Justice For All... Or Some Anyway

New Canada's New Government under the Steve Harper Party seems to have a little difficulty with that honesty stuff. Why it was only just the other week that they were fretting over how they could arrange to ignore and abandon a certain woman to her fate in a Mexican jail without looking too awful. Repeated and mounting calls for action from concerned Canadians were becoming troublesome. Reality is not allowed to reflect poorly on Maximum Leader (size plump). Something needed to be done and damn it, there just wasn't time to hire Decima to mount an opinion poll. What to do? Easy. Prevaricate.

So the brain trust gathered in the Steve Harper block of the Parliament building to concoct a response. Given the requirements of SPP and the deep integration of the North Americas, it wouldn't do to make the Mexicans upset. So after splashing about in the shallow end of the think tank, Stockwell Day emerged in one of his wet suits to declare that Canada couldn't advocate on behalf of Martin as that would be interfering in the judicial system of another sovereign nation. After all, gosh, that would be just icky. But just to play it safe they sent inept twat
Helena Guergis to Mexico for drinks.

And because Stockwell Day is a man of integrity and consistency representing a New Government of North Star Values it should also be noted that he and the Steve Harper Party were also pleased to abandon
Ronald Smith to face state sanctioned murder for his crimes in an American prison.

"We will not actively pursue bringing back to Canada murderers who have been tried in a democratic country that supports the rule of law," Day told the House of Commons on Thursday.

Given the Steve Harper Party's fealty to their masters in Washington, it wouldn't occur to them to note that our neighbours to the south no longer support the rule of law. They have abandoned Habeas Corpus, one of the fundamental underpinnings of the tradition of Common Law, dating back to the Magna Carta. They have adopted torture in defiance of the Geneva Conventions as a sanctioned investigative technique in the illegal, black site prisons to which they illegally render prisoners and abductees. They are in the grips of an unprecedented usurpation of their very Constitution by a rampant and tyrannical executive branch. Indeed, the Steve Harper Party wouldn't be questioning their masters, architects of this Neocon Utopia.

Yes friends, Stockwell Day is a man of honour, consistency and pure truth, so help me Jesus and the ride 'em cowboy dinosaurs. Why, you'll never catch
Stockwell Day straying from the script, er, truth.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day personally asked senior Saudi officials on Wednesday to overturn a death sentence against a Montreal man.

A department news release said Day met in Riyadh with Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi deputy minister of the interior, and Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, head of the country's General Intelligence Presidency.

Well perhaps that interfering thing is okay once in a while. And let's not forget that while George W. Bush likes to kiss Saudi royalty on the mouth and go strolling hand in hand through the gardens, them stinking Ayrabs is one of the biggest competitors we have for the mighty petro-dollar. So interfering in
their justice system is just a dandy plan. Oh look... shiny!

It seems to be a big week for Canadians getting out of foreign jails, whatever has Mr. Day been up to? A Montreal businessman, Saul Itzhayek, has been
released from an Indian prison after ten months of incarceration for a visa violation in what appears to have been a case of entrapment by Indian authorities. Has Mr. Day been secretly roaming the globe interfering in judicial systems on the behalf of Canadians? Maybe not so much, after all.

Itzhayek's supporters, who include former Liberal justice minister Irwin Cotler, managed to give his case high-profile attention.

Oh. Can't be letting Liberals look good. That won't do, Stockwell honey, you just stay busy keeping us safe from non-Jesus films with your pal Charles McVety. This calls for some serious meddling.

Claims that Indian police tricked him into crossing the border from Nepal and then demanded a bribe moved Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier to raise the issue with their Indian counterparts.

Blessed ponies and rainbows, fat Steve himself was riding to the rescue with his sidekick Max. Step aside Stockwell, stand back people who actually give a shit, there's a Montreal vote or two to be won!

Despite Ottawa's high-level intervention, the Itzhayek family expressed frustration over government efforts to free him.

A Canadian consular official came to yesterday's hearing but Sylvia Itzhayek said none attended her brother's trial last October.

"They never wanted to be present before. They should have been present at the trial. I truly believe we may not have come to this point if they were at the trial."

Evil Liberals thwarted, fat Steve comes through with almost too little, almost too late. Fear not Canadians your fate is in the hands of the Steve Harper Party and they aren't sure they care. The lesson, get a prominent Liberal to advocate for you and they'll spring into action to make themselves look good. Unless you're imprisoned in North America, then business considerations out weigh your rights and the Canadian tradition of advocacy for justice for Canadians abroad.

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