Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LuLu calls bullshit, and the "ick" factor.

Back here, she-of-the-boots LuLu wrote of sanctimonious scold Suzie All-Caps and her gratingly pious and hypocritical friends:

And SUZANNE and her merry band of fetus-fetishists? I guess they’re too busy trying to save the fetuses which are sooooooo much more important than actual live children.

Not to toot mine own horn, but I thought I explained the psychological driving force behind utter frauds like Suzie here:

Yes, for the "pro-life" crowd, fetuses are kind of like new cars -- delightfully adorable as long as they're still in the showroom with the price tag hanging off of them but, once you drive them off the lot, well, the novelty of newness wears off and the requirement for regular maintenance kicks in and then it's just not that much fun anymore, is it?

Pre-born and safely out of sight? Whoo hoo! Post-born and suddenly needing actual care and attention? Oh, man, now you're just harshing someone's mellow. And we can't have that.

Yes, it really is that simple -- fetuses are cool because they're safely out of sight and you can talk about them in the abstract and you can worship them incessantly without getting your hands dirty and, quite simply, there's no "ick" factor.

And it's why fetus fetishists like SUZANNE can speak tearfully about the unborn, while still not giving even the tiniest shit about growing child poverty; because if you got concerned about child poverty, then you might have to actually, you know, see what it's about ... and look at pictures of it ... and maybe even (God forbid) meet some poor children, and that would be just, you know, icky.

It's the same kind of psychological damage that drove fakers like SUZANNE to protest day after day outside of Terri Schiavo's room, wailing about the sanctity of human life in front of the ever-so-convenient TV cameras, after which they quietly packed up and went home, not giving a fuck about the other 30,000+ people in the U.S. who were in a similar medical condition to Schiavo because those poor fuckers weren't surrounded by reporters 24/7 so what's the appeal in that?

It's the crippling mental deficiency that spurs hacks like SUZANNE to bleat tearfully about non-children, while blissfully ignoring real tragedies like, oh, this and being delightfully unconcerned about living children like this.

Understand something -- phonies like SUZANNE don't actually care about the unborn. Never have, never will. What they care about is whatever cause will allow them the occasional appearance in print or on TV where they can fake as much sincerity as they want, while still allowing them to dress fashionably and attend the more stylish cocktail parties and mingle with other equally phony hypocrites.

And, most importantly, what they care about is a cause that allows them to not have to actually touch anything with their hands, which is why they will never, ever, ever be equally concerned about child poverty, or the homeless, or the chronically ill, or AIDS hospice patients or anything of the sort. Because those things are icky. And worthless, hypocritical, pious frauds like SUZANNE don't do icky.

Because icky just doesn't go with a good Cabernet, know what I'm saying?


Sheena said...

You're right, CC. Most of the earth mothers I know prefer a Pinot Noir when they eat their placentas.

The Seer said...

I don't really know aboot Canadians, but Americans tend to divide themselves into (a) people who spend their whole lives trying to keep their children from making the mistakes they made; and (b) people who spend their whole lives trying to avoid the mistakes their parents made.

If you're one of these people who spends your whole life trying to keep your kids from making the mistakes you made — which, when you think of it, is an honorable endeavor and certainly not as petulant as trying to avoid the mistakes your parents made — then how do you control your daughter if you're not able to tell her she's going to get pregnant? Or if, when she gets pregnant, she can just get an abortion? Or she's going to get cancer of the private parts?

So you see, there's really more in this for them than an appearance here and there on television.

Ti-Guy said...

The thing about raising children is that they don't grow up with the values you want them to have. They grow up with the values you do have. If you're a hypocrite and can't face the errors of your youthful indiscretions and chalk them up as learning experiences, you'll produce children who'll do exactly the same thing.

The Seer said...

ti-guy sez:

"If you're a hypocrite and can't face the errors of your youthful indiscretions and chalk them up as learning experiences, you'll produce children who'll do exactly the same thing."

Oh my God!