Sunday, March 30, 2008

Holy fuck, the Denyse O'Leary stupid!

It's not Monday yet, so I'm safe in pointing out how Canadian creationist cementhead Denyse O'Leary is being a total fucking retard yet again, with her latest spate of updates:

Update March 28, 2008 4:45 pm:

I was in a press conference a few minutes ago for the Expelled documentary (about scientists who are persecuted for questioning Darwinism and other materialist evolution theories).

"Persecution" which (we have already established) is utterly fictional. Movin' on, then.

Mathis confirmed that he kicked PZ Myers out of the film to make a point ...

And what "point" was that, Denyse, since by now we've heard at least six different excuses as to why PZ was booted, every one of those excuses contradicting the ones before it. There was no "point," Denyse, it was simply Mathis being an asshole. Next.

(Myers endorses the destruction of the careers of those who question Darwinism, yet he was really upset about getting booted from a film).

The first part of that is a lie and, furthermore, it has no logical connection to the second part. That's just Denyse being a complete retard.

I'm sorry ... I can't go on. The stupid is just overwhelming. I need to go lie down with a cold compress until my IQ recovers.


andrew said...

That woman is a train wreck.

Abysmal writing, blissfully willful ignorance, rampant hypocrisy, raving lunacy, comical dementia and a horrible haircut.

I've had more intellectually stimulating reading come from modem noise.

That said, she makes me laugh!

E in MD said...

So, do wingnuts teach their spawn that lying is ok so long as it serves their party line?