Monday, March 31, 2008

New Music From Karen Kosowski!

This past Saturday I was in Toronto to take in the CD release party for Karen Kosowski. I have played her album "Out Here At Sea" as a constant fixture in my listening queue for well over a year. Her new album, "Meeting the Future At Full Speed" is finally here. Karen has a superb voice and is a songwriter and craftsperson of the first order. If you want to dig a new artist and help promote Canadian talent, take a moment to drop in at Karen's site and sample a few tracks. You can order the CD or download it from iTunes and if you want to see a captivating performance, check out her tour page, she'll be on the west coast in mid-May heading east from there.

Strongly recommended music!


CC said...

Dude, you really need to give some of us advance warning about stuff like CD release parties in Toronto. Any excuse to get out of K-W sometimes.

Lindsay Stewart said...

sorry cc i wasn't sure i was going until the last minute.