Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because you just need more dumbassitude in your life.

No idea if I've already linked to this but, if you've been following the PZ Myers/Expelled clusterfuck, you should simply try to quantify the amount of hideous dishonesty and/or pure retarditude in that article and its comments section.

Read it until you're done, or you're bleeding from the eyes. Whichever comes first.

BONUS DUMBFUCKITUDE, DENYSE O'LEARY FLAVOUR: As a recent update, here's Denyse being a total retard yet again:

Update March 26 2:04 pm: I have just been informed that further Expelled screenings have been cancelled for security reasons.

That excuse is total crap. There is no "security" issue that prompted the film's creators to cancel further screenings. I'm guessing Denyse has been fed yet another load of pre-digested, creationist pablum as to the fact that they had to deal with gate-crashers or uninvited guests or something to that effect.

And yet, it was Denyse herself who, at that same article linked to above, printed director Mark Mathis' rationale for turning away PZ Myers:

"You should know that I invited Michael shermer to a screening at NRB in Nashville. He came and is writing a review for scientific American. I banned pz because I want him to pay to see it. Nothing more."

Got that? Mathis' reasoning had nothing whatsoever to do with "security," and everything to do with being a childish fuckwit. And Denyse knows this -- she reproduced it on her own blog. And yet, she's now loyally promoting another in a long line of lies that contradict all the lies that she's happily reproduced earlier.

What a complete prat.

STUPID OR DISHONEST -- YOU MAKE THE CALL: Just for the fun of it, we have Denyse at that same link:

(While we are here, the Discovery Institute does NOT think that intelligent design should be taught in schools, only that arguments against Darwin's theory should be permitted.)

And then there's reality:

On October 21, the American Enterprise Institute sponsored a forum titled “Science Wars” that focused on the intelligent design/evolution controversy. Among the participants in the forum were the Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, Richard Thompson, and Mark Ryland, Director of the Discovery Institute’s Washington office.

During the course of the discussion, Ryland claimed that the Discovery Institute had “never set out to have school boards” teach intelligent design. He was swiftly corrected by Thompson, who held up a copy of the Discovery Institute’s “Intelligent Design in Public School Science Curriculum: A Guidebook” by Steven Meyer and David DeWolf Intelligent Design in Public School Science Curricula: A Legal Guidebook.

Seriously ... appallingly stupid or wretchedly dishonest? And do we even care anymore?

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Ti-Guy said...

Doesn't she look like a Romulan?

People who give pixie haircuts to anyone over 40 (and Deceivin' Denyse is well into her 90's) should be shot.

Christ, that's really all I've got left for these people. You read through that dreary and irritating post, cobbled together with lies, half-truths, gossip, innuendo, and worst of all, catty remarks about other people (who aren't liars) and all you can think to say is "You hideously ugly, nasty, cretinous old bitch."

What is it with this cohort of geriatrics who've decided that as a final "fuck you" to a world that never lived up to their distorted expectations, they're going to usher in the Endarkenment as they prepare to leave it? Should we have made them into little green crackers years ago?