Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Expelled": The only thing you need to know.

Oh, Christ:

Before the film

Mathis came out before the film and told everyone that the showing was being projected from a laptop, and that on previous screenings this had caused the film to appear dark.

Must I go on? Seriously, do you need that kind of abuse?


Red Tory said...

That article is a pretty thorough deconstruction of the film. I feel like I've already seen it. But I guess that was the intention.

Ti-Guy said...

From your link:

Please don't give them any of your money to see it. If it tanks in the theaters, and you have the stomach for such garbage, I'm sure you'll be able to see it soon by other means that don't involve supporting Creationists.

I predict it will make a profit. One thing far too many Americans believe (and far too many simply go along with because they can make money at it) is that truth is a commodity, the value of which is determined in the marketplace. What they irrationally believe is that the marketplace determines truth, so everyone who wants the ideas promoted by this film to be true just has to spend money on it.

I hope this serves as a bottoming out for the moral corruption of Ben Stein, who we all know knows better than the Fundagelical retards he's fleecing.

liberal supporter said...

I predict it will make a profit.
Of course it will. Dyanetics continues to be a best seller, though many of the shipments to bookstores don't quite look freshly printed.

It will proudly take its place with Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Reefer Madness, two examples that come to mind of the genre known as cult classic!