Sunday, March 23, 2008

That 80s Show.

Now with twice as much xylophone.


KEvron said...

it's not an '80's revival without a spin from molly ringwald's favorite band.


Lindsay Stewart said...

ah the 80s, days of wine and poses. silly as the times were i had a damn good time in the 80s. among our artsie fartsie crowd there was a sense of adventure and creativity that i haven't sensed for a while. i think it was one of the last little popular culture blips that let kids really scare the shit out of their folks. kinda feel sorry for todays teens trying to freak out mom and dad by dressing wild only to discover that mom had a mohawk and blue black hair back in the day. a lot of what i see around these days just seems to be recycled.

well, except for the kid i saw the other day in the pants that were big enough for andre the giant. poor l'il tough guy was mouthing off to another, slightly gothy kid and making with the exaggerated hand gestures (as seen on tv). the recipient of the string of threats and boasts stood his ground and wasn't reacting until mc lily white gave him a little shove. then he simply lifted one foot and pushed down on the knee altitude crotch of the mouthy kids pants. the trousers became a sudden pool of denim around his scrawny ankles. then goth kid returned the shove and mouthy boy ended up pantsed and on his ass. even his buddies were howling at him. poetry.

LuLu said...

And this is why I told my one and only that if he ever left the house with his jeans around his ass, I would immediately pants him on the front porch. Apparently, this cemented my status as the "young, cool mom".

Who says I've never accomplished anything in this life?

Rev.Paperboy said...

the "pants halfway down the ass" thing seems to have largely come and gone in tokyo. But I will always remember the oh so cool kid ahead of me on the escalator who had his high school uniform pants so loose that they were hanging at the outside edge of frictional tolerance and when he stepped off the escalator ended up with them around his ankles. The whoops of laughter i emitted probably added years to my life