Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Expelled: The adventure continues.

Read all about it here, since you sure as hell will never get the truth here.

: I realize this question is hideously rhetorical, but does anyone think that ignorant creationist windbag Denyse O'Leary is going to mention any of the above? The creators of that wretched Expelled movie are drowning in an ocean of transparently obvious lies, and Denyse sails blissfully on, happily ignoring whatever doesn't fit in with her caramel-coloured, tangerine tree view of the universe.

When it comes to picking on the intellectually unarmed, Denyse O'Leary can only aspire to be low-hanging fruit some day.


Ti-Guy said...

Oh God, now Denyse is addressing the other element of the Holy Trinity that underpins neoconservative faith-based reality (the other two being Hate and Deception): Freedom of Expression.

It'd be frankly much less work to point out when these people actually make evidence-based assertions.

E in MD said...

I'm starting to think the Left-o-Sphere should get together and create an award for the most intellectually dishonest person of the user. The biggest lying scumbag to misuse, misstate, obfuscate, and outright lie to push their false agenda.

Bush would probably win a few if we looked back. But these ID assholes, including Ben Stein ( who had to do something since his career tanked after Ben Stein's Money ), should receive this year's award.