Friday, March 28, 2008

L’État c’est moi.

Big Daddy and Canada’s New Government™ prove, once again, that they really are incapable of playing well with others. If, you know, by others I mean the rest of the fucking universe (it’s not Monday yet!!).

Opposition members are furious that the Tory government has rescinded an invitation for them to take part in the NATO leaders summit, where the future of Canada's Afghan mission will be decided.

The Liberal, New Democratic and Bloc Quebecois defence critics were invited to accompany Defence Minister Peter MacKay to the meeting in Bucharest, Romania, next week.

The Department of Defence sent out the invitations, but then revoked them on Wednesday, saying that NATO had limited the size of the Canadian delegation.

A spokesman for the military alliance has denied a cap on delegates has been set.

Come on. If you’re going to lie about why you’ve pulled the invitations back, at least try put some effort into it. Christ, you’re politicians — lying is like breathing. But don’t worry, boys and girls, everyone’s favourite spokesbitch is on the case.

A spokeswoman for Harper insisted the delegation is a government one and not open to opposition members.

Sandra Buckler said there are some international meetings when opposition critics are "paired" with government minister, but this isn't one of them, even though invitations were issued.

"I absolutely can't explain what happened with that, but I can tell you that this is a government delegation and that on this trip there will be no pairing," she said Thursday.

*Cough Choke Cough* I’m okay, I’m ooooooookay ... just had a little trouble swallowing that last one. Sandra, I don’t want to say you’re lying — even if it’s something I’ve pretty much come to expect any time your lips are moving — but that’s a bit rich. Even for you.


Cameron Campbell said...

The problem with this (and isn't this the second or third time this has happened) beyond the lying about it is that the CPC are still a minority government and the people they are shutting out of meetings could be the government in a few months.

Ti-Guy said...

Sandra, I don’t want to say you’re lying — even if it’s something I’ve pretty much come to expect any time your lips are moving — but that’s a bit rich. Even for you.

Sandra Buckler does not care. She's Lindsay Nagel of the Simpsons. Her genius is the ability to hive off her own morality and do what is required for reasons that are not very clear...sure, money's a good one, but I think she sees her divine calling in the corporatisation of our society. I can't see why else she'd have left Coca Cola (where it's much easier to lie and probably pays more), unless she just really is incompetent or wasn't a "team player."

On morality, she may have one that's not anything to brag about. As when Lindsay Nagel admits in one episode, in a matter-of-fact way, that she keeps changing jobs because she's a sexual predator.

But who knows. Maybe deep down, she's just a gullible simpleton like Dana Perrino. And as Conservatives know, gullible simpletons make the absolute best liars.

The Seer said...
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The Seer said...

So what makes youse guys think Big Daffy had authority to invite a bunch of libruls & socialists and dissidents to this thing, anyway? (1) We know Dear Leader personally is going to meet with NATO leaders in Bucharest; and (2) we know that Dear Leader likes hand-picked audiences. I personally don't see this as Big Daffy showing his cojones.

Ti-Guy said...

Who knows? But maybe NATO is starting to think Big Daddy won't be around too much longer, or may get seriously side-lined soon by a Big Momma or Big Obama.

If the Democrats win it in November, I can't see them looking all that fondly on the Harpies, who've spent the last six years defaming them as badly as the rest of us. And Harper will be the last of the Anglo-Cons, now that Blair and Howard have bit the dust...

ken said...

What happened is this. Harper being so enthused with U.S. politics thought that this was a two party system. Since the other party the Liberals is really not an opposition party he felt it was OK to invite them. But he forgot about the Bloc and the NDP who are opposition parties. Therefore he had to revoke the invitations of all three.

liberal supporter said...

Governor Harper didn't want to be upstaged by the future Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bob Rae.

Boris said...


Harper: Last of the Anglo-Cons

I like it.

I wonder if Zorpheus could work with that.