Sunday, March 23, 2008

O. M. F. G.

Just when you think it's physically impossible to get any stupider, well ...

Global had a piece last night on World Water Day that said Canada and the world are running out of water. At the same time, it had this:

Swollen rivers flooded parts of the central United States on Friday and threatened to engulf a major interstate highway in Missouri, after violent rainstorms caused at least 16 deaths, according to reports on Friday.

So which is it? Are we running out of water or is there so much of the damn stuff we're drowning?

The truth is, of course, the amount of water in the world is the same as it's always been. The oceans, the water aloft and the icecaps; all there. The rain will continue, the rivers will flow, the snow will fall. No matter what the loony environmentalists have to say, and no matter how long they say it, the cycle will continue.

Indeed, it is raining here in Grand Forks at the moment; what a surprise.

Question to Blogging Tories co-founder Stephen Taylor, in all seriousness: Are you not embarrassed by these people? I mean, if they're not frothing, racist whackjobs or imbecilic, Bible-whomping fetus fetishists, they're jaw-droppingly stupid, scientific illiterates.

And this is going to be your legacy, Stephen? Really? You're good with that?

Holy shit.

O.M.F.G.(2): In his own comments section, Frank continues to embarrass his species:

Not only can people not conserve water, they can't waste it either. It's actually impossible to get rid of it. If, for example, you spread it on your lawn, the sun evaporates it, convection condenses it and gravity returns it to the river and the water table.

Love it or hate it, water is here to stay, no matter what the environmentalists say.

One wonders if Frank would be able to appreciate his own dumbassitude by way of analogy. Let's put Frank in a glass booth, then seal it airtight. And wait.

"How's it going in there, Frank? It's been a few minutes, and you're not looking too good. What's the problem? Sorry, what's that? Oxygen? You want oxygen? But Frank, there's just as much oxygen now as there was when we locked you in there. In fact, there's exactly the same amount of everything -- not a molecule more or less. So I don't see the problem here, Frank -- it's not like you're losing anything, is it? So we'll leave you to it, Frank, and we'll pop back in tomorrow morning. And remember -- everything that's in there with you is there to stay, no matter what those biologists say."

Holy fuck, but Frank is stupid. Stephen Taylor must be so proud.


Chimera said...

It would probably help a lot if the writers of articles used an adjective like "potable" when referring to the water that's becoming scarce.

Mind you, if people like Frank want to ignore what seems obvious to the rest of us, and drink the stuff from the rivers that are flooding their banks, who am I to stop them?

Red Tory said...

Good grief, that man is daft as a brush.

There’s just no end to his phenomenal ignorance. How did he ever live to be that old? Blind luck, I'm guessing.

LuLu said...

Frank is hilarious. We should start a pool to see how long this particluar incarnation of Mesopotamia West lasts before he pulls the plug. I call six weeks.

Lindsay Stewart said...

when i think of frank after reading this, i can't help but picture the youtube video of the orangutan peeing into its own mouth.

The Seer said...

red tory said:

"Good grief, that man is daft as a brush. (sic) "

I think that's "daft as a Bush."

Anonymous said...

I think you should have put Frank in a cement box so he could suck a bit of water out of the floor when he gets thirsty waiting for you to let him out... I mean, the water's there, right?

KEvron said...

dawned on me as i was drafting my comment to frank: mesopotamia west! TOO FUCKING IRONIC! right between to rivers. no water issues going on there....


KEvron said...

er, "two rivers...."


Frank Frink said...

Is he trying to get me to change my pseudonym? Franks round the world are shaking their heads, or holding them in their hands, or both.

KEvron said...

there's no mistaking you for frank dulliard, ff.