Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Monsieur Stephane Dion

Sir, while you were absent from the House of Commons today, a vote was held. The vote in question allowed Bill C-484 to pass into committee. Because you saw fit not to whip your party's vote, because it did not interest you sufficiently to attend, your leadership will now come under harsh scrutiny. This Bill is an insult to the intelligence of Canadians and a blatant attempt to undermine the ability of women to maintain the right to bodily self determination and personal autonomy. This Bill is a bald faced attempt to enshrine in law a definition of life that precedes birth and creates criminal precedent for ending that newly defined life. Mr. Dion, while I sincerely hope this Bill is killed in committee, your inaction and abandonment of Canadian women's rights has defeated any faith I might have had for your growth as a leader. You are clearly unfit for the job.

Your seeming fear of holding this minority government to task shows you to be effectively neutered. We desperately need a capable alternative to Stephen Harper and his party. You are not that alternative and the current configuration of the Liberal Party seems ill equipped to take the reigns of government. You are cowed by what should be a weak minority and Mr. Harper has routinely rolled over you and faced no resistance. Mr. Harper is remaking this nation in his own image and you are allowing him to do so. You are either cowards or fools but you have shown no will to fight and no vision worth fighting for.

Mr. Dion please step down. This nation will not elect you Prime Minister. You are a non-entity, a milquetoast and a flop. The Liberal Party might as well appoint a traffic cone to the leadership. At least people will take notice of a traffic cone. As for the members of the Liberal Party who saw fit to vote for the travesty that is Bill C-484, you will not be forgotten come the next election cycle. The simple fact that while Mr. Harper's minority government is embroiled in scandal upon scandal, the polls refusal to shift in support of the Liberal Party should be informative. You have lost the confidence of Canadians. Shape up sir, or get out of the way.


LuLu said...

Hi PSA - miss me?

Mike said...

Bravo PSA, bravo.

I look out and see precious little difference between the Liberals and Conservatives. I see my former party, the NDP, being nothing more than economically illiterate sycophants who stopped being the principled party I knew and are now just Liberal Junior. The Greens? Lizzy May would have voted for C-484 herself.

There is no one and no party that will stand up for our freedom. Whatever laws the pass, it still reqires us to obey. If we obey, it works, if we don't, it doesn't.

I suggest we stop listening to these guys, stop obeying them and do the right things ourselves, cooperatively and together. The politicos won't do it for us.

Lindsay Stewart said...

lulu baby! welcome home sugar. the world's gone made. same as it ever was.

LuLu said...

I can only play for this evening and then I'm back under lockdown. Literally. The client site is a top secret facility so I can't access teh intertoobz. How weird is that? And I'm probably working all weekend. Sucky.

Outstanding post as always - you keep kicking ass, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

PSA, I hope this is actually a letter sent straight to the Dion mailbox. What a bleeping coward, to be absent during a vote like this, and he didn't even whip. I can only assume that he is in silent accordance with the anti-choice folks, which in my silly opinion, makes him anti woman's rights.
Holy cow, what choice do we have? I must admit that I'm very anti Layton, due to some interactions a long time ago. I was in a service industry and had to deal with Mr. Layton and Ms Chow. Perhaps they have changed however, their behaviour was rather distasteful. Again, perhaps they have changed, or I was mistaken (think not but ...)
I cannot believe this - it's a worst nightmare scenario. This is CANADA. How can these neanderthals take over Canada?
This is SHPM's best dream. Thanks Stephane!
Lulu, be careful about your health. When I was working (early retirement ,m'dear) it was SOP to have lockdowns. I could offer my opinion about the torture involved, but you don't have the time to read them, and I don't want to relive them. Best of luck, eat well, sleep well, and get out alive and sane.

Red Tory said...


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I think the Liberals don't want to appear "soft on crime" (BLECCCCHH), and that they can't count on the public to see a connection between this and the anti-choice lobby.

I do agree that it sucks.

Lindsay Stewart said...

well crab, perhaps they feel it is better to appear soft of belly and soft of head than soft on crime. in any case, they should be prepared for some hard words in the coming days. who would have guessed that while the cons were happily emulating the sinister republicans, our dotty old liberals would decide to emulate the weak kneed, pants pissing cowards and turncoats in the democratic party?

Unknown said...

The right to life is a civil rights issue.

The demographic winter is coming to Canada.

Aging workforce.

FEDUP!! said...

We hear you continually railing against new life..
But where is your feminist outrage when it comes to the murders of young girls, killed at the hands of their own (fathers)??
For example: Young girl in Alliston brutally stabbed by her father in front of her own home!
For Her Choice Of Wardrobe??????
Her (father) sat on the front steps and waited for the police to arrive..HIS HONOUR INTACT!!!
This is not the first or last time this will happen!!
Your Feminist (SILENCE) is DEAFENING!!!!
Proving selective feminism in ACTION!!!
Ignore the blood on the sidewalk...nothing to see here...carry on//
Of course i don`t expect to see this posted!

Prole said...


Wouldn't you schmucks be happier with a demographic winter? It would blanket the world in white after all.

Run along and go fuck a strawman.

liberal supporter said...

We hear you continually railing against new life
You should see a doctor and get that checked. Because what you are hearing is all in your head.

But where is your feminist outrage when it comes to the murders of young girls, killed at the hands of their own (fathers)??
For example: Young girl in Alliston brutally stabbed by her father in front of her own home!
For Her Choice Of Wardrobe??????

So far, no word on why, and who cares? The man is crazy. He is in custody.

You are projecting that it is "choice of wardrobe". You are projecting "his honour intact". Did you just learn those code words at Kathy's lecture?

If you suggested his actions should be legalized, then you would see plenty of outrage. If you are suggesting women should be forced at gunpoint by the state to breed, you will see plenty of outrage.

Of course i don`t expect to see this posted!
It already is. Unlike most right wing blogs, this one is not moderated. But you're hoping it will be deleted, aren't you. Why delete it? I think it sums up your hate and projection nicely.

I thought Kathy's lecture didn't let out until 1:30. Looks like she got the shrieking trolls "fed up " in record time. Maybe she just heard this breaking news story and decided to milk it to flog her book.

Gigi said...

Hell, you'll see outrage if he doesn't do time.

In the meantime, call 1-800-OUTRAGE for your free burst of outrage on demand. We don't dance to your tune.