Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dirt By The Bag

Hiding in plain sight. Where, oh where does one look to find the dirt on our delightfully crooked pals in the fundamentalist communes? Why right in the god fearing christian press, of course! has some very interesting coverage of the activities of certain organizations. Dating to 2003 in the midst of the fundie hate fest surrounding issues of same sex marriage, author Lloyd Mackey looks at the spectrum of protest and guess who shows up!

Canada Family Action Coalition frequently ties in with Canada Christian College (CCC). Its president, Roy Beyer, twice left the organization to back Stockwell Day's Canadian Alliance leadership bids, in co-operation with CCC. And the college, led by Charles McVety, supported Jim Flaherty for the Ontario Tory leadership last year. CCC liked his Catholic-based social conservative values.

How many people does each of these categories represent?

It depends. The EFC, by virtue of its 37 member denominations, claims a minimum constituency of 1.2 million. CCC has a spinoff known as the Evangelical Association (EA). The EA counts 50,000 people as attenders at its pastor-members churches.

However, a relatively small group, by acting strategically, sometimes has influence beyond its numbers. CCC, for example, played a significant role in getting Stockwell Day elected as leader of the Canadian Alliance. But it did not have the critical mass to help him elect MPs in the Toronto area, where its influence is the strongest.

Well isn't that special. Call me crazy but "a significant role in getting Stockwell Day elected as leader..." sounds like something that runs counter to Revenue Canada regulations regarding the tax free status of a supposed college. Dig this excerpt from Shuffl's article:

A charity may pursue political activities that are non-partisan, related to its charitable purposes, and limited in extent. During the fiscal period, did the charity carry out political activities or provide assistance to another organization to carry out political activities?

The answer given by C.C. College is “No”. There was a link in the quote above at “political activities”, but the link didn’t work. I did find this Summary Policy (CSP - P02, October 25, 2002) of the rules on charities’ involvement with political causes:

Under the Income Tax Act, a registered charity can be involved in non-partisan political activities as long as it devotes substantially all of its resources to charitable activities. Any political activities have to help accomplish the charity’s purposes and remain incidental in scope.

A registered charity cannot be involved in partisan political activities. A political activity is considered partisan if it involves direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, a political party or candidate for public office.
(emphasis added)

Oh Mr. McVety, you've been a very naughty boy.


JJ said...

McVety's had problems with Revenue Canada before, it seems to me, so he might have his fat flabby porcine ass well-covered. On the other hand...

Nothing I'd love more than to see anything associated with him lose its tax-exempt status. I'll keep digging til I'm eating chop suey in China if it'll help that happen.


ThinkingManNeil said...

I'd love to see McVety get his fat, mendacious, scummy ass nailed to the wall, but knowing that our lot of neocon criminals takes their cues from those fascist ratfuckers south of the border they'll prolly show a genuine - and documented - contempt for the law that those their ilk do, openly allowing christonazi's like McVety and others like him to flourish unchallenged. If someone like Doris - an alleged public servant - will openly endorse a sectarian, religious/political action group by lending his witless mug to their website (there's got to be a violation in that somewhere), then rest assured they'll turn a money-and-bible blinded eye to McVety.

Nevertheless, if it's war they want, I'm more than happy to join in and give them a boot to their figurative stones.


thwap said...

Shut 'em down.