Friday, June 08, 2007

A Kate-sized towel snap to the privates.

Ooooooooooh ... busted! I particularly like the part about Kate ripping off other peoples' work. Why am I not surprised?

(Wag of the tail to e-mailer Meaghan.)


Ti-Guy said...

Well, she's the only one among the righties who has some kind of marketable skill, even if it is just stealing intellectual property and profiting from it.

She thinks the market demand for her work justifies it. Yeah, well it justifies drug dealing and prostitution as well, so that's hardly a standard of excellence I'd be rushing to endorse.

God, she's a joke.

Mike said...

Her art reminds me of all those "caricature artists" you see in every major, North American and world cities, outside of malls and events, surrounded by "samples" drawn by somebody else (or photocopied). All robotically drawing the same formulaic pictures, and colouring the hair to look like you. If it didn't involve counting money, they could train chimps to do it.

She is a piece of work. Nice to see her and Shaidle's hypocricy on display for all to see.

That guy said...

That is awesome.