Monday, June 11, 2007

Simple answers to simple questions.

Just how much of a frothing dumbass is Joel Johannesen? This much.

This has been another installment of "Simple answers to simple questions."


Rev.Paperboy said...

Wow, that is some pretty frothy dumbassery.
Here in Tokyo, where it sometimes hits 40 C in the summer, the government instituted the "Cool Biz" approach to office attire a couple of years ago and has saved a pile on air conditioning bills. Also, a lot fewer salarymen spontaneously combusting on the trains because of their three-piece pin-stripe suits as well.

mikmik said...

Haha, you can't believe this. Just one hour ago, I was remonstrating on Huffpo how there just as many idiodic wingnuts up here, but that hopefully, get this, THEY MIGHT BE TO STOOPID TO DRESS PROPERLY AND COULD FREEZE TO DEATH!!!

- -
I am lucky because I live in Canada. No, there are just as many excruciatingly stupified malformities up here, but there is always the possibility, us being a Northern clime, that some of these dolts will eventually become so insensate that they will forget to wear proper clothing or just be too plain stoopid to come in out of the cold and hopefully (I too see this as a way to world peace) freeze to death, thus removing their severe hindrance to the functionality of society - or at least FOX News would shut down.
- -
# 71, haha:))