Saturday, June 16, 2007

About that "credibility" thing ...

Dear wingnuts: Go ahead -- lecture me about journalistic "credibility" after one of your favourite sources publishes this.

No, really, make my day. I need a good chuckle.


The Seer said...

Great link, CC. There's an ad on the left that promises retirement with a six figure income. The "how-to" book only costs $39. We can all get rich.

Red Tory said...

Granted it's a fine piece of wingnuttery, but of course, it's just commentary. You might well find something like that in the pages of the National Post too. It's the "news" reporting of World Nut Daily that I really have a problem with.

M@ said...

Maybe you guys just can't take the fact that unlike you leftards, conservatives are willing to look at both sides of the issue.

Um, that's the wrong side, and the completely fucking batshit insane side. But still. Confirms our worldview -- how can that be wrong?

That guy said...

This is my absolute favourite bit of that article:

Let's get our facts straight. When the "scientific" community proclaimed the earth to be flat, it was the Bible (Isaiah 40:22) that said otherwise: "It is He who sits above the circle of the earth. …"

Two big problems here:

(1) The scientific community never did proclaim the Earth to be flat.

(2) A circle is flat. It is not the same thing as a sphere.


mikmik said...

All right! I get to use this link heeheee! : In the beginning

A few problems with using the Bible as a cosmological reference work.

We begin with god creating man in his own image; male & female
- Gen 1:27

Yet god has to put adam to sleep and create a woman from one of his ribs a little later...
- Gen 2:21-22

God was satisfied with his creation
- Gen 1:4, 10, 12, 21, 25

God was dissatisfied with his creation
-Gen 2:5, 18

It seems he even "forgot" about having someone around to tend the grounds.
He also tried x+1 times to find a mate for adam before he succeeded. Where x = the number of species of every animal ever on the earth.

((See next reference))

We find god creating animals and then man
- Gen 1:25-26

But somehow it turns out that god created man and then created the animals one by one for adam to name whilst trying to create a mate for him
"a little animal, anyone?"
-Gen 2:18-19

mikmik said...

The loudest criticism came from those who complained that the (cool animatronic) dinosaurs are displayed as coexisting with humans. They were supposed to be dead for millions of years before humans existed. If that's true, then who drew all those cave drawings that look like dinosaurs? And why does nearly every culture on earth have artifacts and stories about them? They're even described in the Bible (Job 40:15-23) – beings with "ribs like bars of iron" and a "tail like a cedar" – coexisting with humans. But, of course, we can't believe that book. We'd rather get our "facts" from a racist guy named Darwin who wrote "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection; Or, the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" – the real title of his famous book.
Behemoth, singular behemah (Hebrew) [from baham to be dumb, mute] A beast, a nonspeaking living being; used in Job 40:15-23. Scholars are of the opinion that the reference here is to the hippopotamus or the Leviathan. "Behemoth is the principle of Darkness, or Satan, in Roman Catholic Theology, and yet Job says of him that 'Behemoth is the chief (principle) of the ways of God' " (SD 2:486), and an entity spoken of, however poetically, as the chief of the ways of the divine, can hardly be a physical quadruped of earth.

LMFAO x 2! "racist guy named Darwin"

Hey, did you see the NASCAR race? I told you those southerners are racists!