Friday, June 29, 2007


Dave can be such a prick. And I mean that in only the most complimentary way, of course.


Ti-Guy said...

So, she...on record for calling for the elimination of Islam...supports our glorious mission in Afghanistan to help the Afghan people? Maybe Wendy Sullivan's hoping to be in charge of one the internment camps...

Dave said...

I do appreciate the recognition. (Genuflects)

thwap said...

Let's do some comparative analysis:

Right-wing morons -

a) Claim to support troops
b) Claim to care about Afghanistan's people
c) On record as anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigots
d) On record as nauseating anti-Aboriginal bigots and scumbags.

Left-wing humans

a) Want troops home safely
b) Don't want Cdn soldiers killing Afghans to support corrupt, puppet government
c) Not anti-Arab, culturally tolerant, but values completely at odds with "Islamic fascism" (as opposed to right-wingers who make common cause with 'em [homophobic, anti-sex, repressive]
d) Ashamed of Canada's treatment of First Nations and understanding of their anger

One could go on, and on. These right-wing people should be pitied, not listened to.

Ti-Guy said...

They should be medicated.

Anonymous said...

All is clear now, and thank you dave for connecting the dots: Wendy Sullivan "supports our troops" because they kill brown people.

Somena Woman said...

Anybody think calling the Embassy and MP or NDP or Liberal Foreign Affairs Critics of their Choice on Monday to ask what this nutbar is doing being linked to by a Canadian Government paid for website is in order?

Anonymous said...

In what province does Wendy Sullivan, alias RightGirl, live? That's where a human rights complaint should be filed. Normally I don't care much for such actions against stupid speech, but she clearly doesn't give a f**k about how mean and hateful her post is.

Somena Woman said...

From what I gathered, she was claiming to be living in the US, so an HRC against her would not really do anything. Free speech laws in the US would prevent any such action. 1st ammendment holds against such a thing even for non-Americans. However, if she steps foot back in Canada....not that I hold much with Hate Speech laws. I do believe in shunning, mocking and freedom from association stuff. Like making sure that people she's worked with in media are very aware of her thoughts on Aboriginals... and that sort of thing.

Somena Woman said...

PS don't bother the AFN on this... they are useless as an organization unless there is money at the end of it for them... sorry. APTN might be good to contact, and Mitzi Brown who was the native journalist organizer that got Ric Dolphin canned from the Edmonton Sun might be good to get in touch with... She's in Facebook.

Some of the Native women's organizations would be good to reach out to, as well as friendship organizations.

Anonymous said...

there are a lot of people outraged - rightly so - by this. If someone comes up with a way we can co-ordinate our response, please post it.

as for pitying these rabid right/wrongs, I don't. They are the enemy, and ignorant by choice. I cannot pity anyone who deliberately embraces ignorance with the sole goal of creating the illusion that this elevates themselves.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't hold much faith that hate-propaganda laws (which Wendy Sullivan hasn't really contravened) or human rights complaints will really do anything; the white supremacists have been cunning in co-opting all the mechanisms that deal with minority persecution and turning it around to make it seem they're being persecuted.

They can't be shamed; but their associates can. And they deserve it. Freedom of expression is a bitch, eh wingnuts?

Anonymous said...

The embassy has removed their link to her Canadian Angels page.

Here is their reply:

Dear Ms (snip)

Thank you for your email regarding a post made this week in the blog
"Right Wing Girl" and the our article about the Canadian Angels website
from a 2006 edition of the Connect2Canada newsletter.

Our mention of Canadian Angels was made over a year ago. We have now
removed that reference to the Canadian Angels site from the
Connect2Canada website and newsletter and will not make future references
to it.

Thank you again for your message. We very much value the feedback of
Connect2Canada members.


Bernard Etzinger
Connect2Canada team
Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

thwap said...

That's pretty cool. I'm not a fan of anti-hate laws either. But voluntary shunning, and public expressions of disgust are cool.

Ti-Guy said...

I still support hate laws (fuck freedom of speech absolutism...all that does is make sure Ann Coulter has a career in media instead of the one she should have...working at Burger King) but they need to be applied carefully.

Good to hear the Connect2Canada distanced itself from the hate-bag, but there's more to this intersection between rightwing militarism, the Conservative Party of Canada and outright racism that needs to be exposed.