Friday, June 15, 2007

IOKIYAR -- Part 8,992.

Shorter Dr. Roy: "Geez, you people say 'obstruction of justice' like it's a bad thing or something."


Ti-Guy said...

Per Dr. Roy: "Pardon Mr Libby , Mr President."

...yeah, I'm sure Bush is going to be listening to some psycho in Montreal.

...oh, hang on. That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much the fact that people are even calling for a pardon for this damned traitor makes my blood boil

Anonymous said...

The friendly neighbourhood bigot is at it again...

mikmik said...

OMFG! How many bleating trolls and neo-con ass wipers have sanctimoniously condemned Clinton (but, but, but Cuh-liiinnntttooonnnn!!!) because, gasp, he lied under oath!
Nevermind that is was such a contrived witch hunt and of nobody's business in the first place, but if he just hadn't lied about it, say the troglodytes, all would have been forgiven.

But, they say, this is different. And of course it is.
This is important. Wait, I got that wrong. This is a republican outright fucking his people from the inside and lying about it.
Key word: republican. That confers instant righteousness.

Red Tory said...

Ah, poor old Dr. Roy. Definitely one of the lower hanging fruits of the Conservative Idiotsphere.

He's so predictable.

Ti-Guy said...

I bet Joanne has lovely white sheets.

Funny...the white-wingers think the rest of us not dumping all over minorities when they're having problems is a reflection of our fascistic "political correctness" but dare to suggest these inbred rednecks are ignorant and the howls of indignation are deafening.