Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Shorter Joanne: "Don't hate me because I'm stupid."

DUMB AND DUMBER: Honestly, I'm not sure how much more dumbassitude I can take. Apparently, on Joanne's planet, a "troll" is any commenter who disagrees with her. Here's some advice, Joanne -- why don't you grow a pair and stop being such a whiny little fuck?

Lord, but I never met anyone for whom martyrdom was such a lifestyle choice.

! Joanne only wants some civil discourse:

I encourage debate and respectful criticism.

Commenter "Sparky" is more than happy to oblige:

Bringing it back to the topic of the blog post (instead of the name calling and group hugging cutsies)-- ...

In response, Joanne lets Sparky know what he can do with his debate and respectful criticism.

I think we're done here.

WHOOPS, NOT QUITE: Joanne is above all of this criticism and petty carping:

I truly don't care what you think about me.

This would, of course, be the same wingnut blogger who deleted her initial embarrassing post. And why? Oh ... that's why (emphasis added)

It seems that some from the left are quite indignant that I removed the post, "Another Inconvenient Truth", which is still available as a cached version for those who are interested (remember that whatever you write on the internet is there forever).

The reason I did this was simply because I was tired of deleting comments from trolls.

In short, Joanne truly doesn't care what you think about her, but she will defend to the death her right to not let you think it on her blog.


mikmik said...

No kidding, a victim whining and at the same time using "victim" as an insult that only applies to those she whines about!!
2, 2, 2 ironies in one!

I love this also: "The level of debate begins to decline the minute someone uses a personal attack instead of logic. When men use sexually disparaging remarks against women, they lose the argument by default." Of course, using sexually disparaging remarks, and lies, against MEN AND WOMEN because they're gay, well that is quite alright.

I hope you don't mind disparaging remarks against fucking tools, Jojo, because you certainly indulge when you see fit.
Okay, something just occurred to me, and here is Jojo: "2. Free speech is the exclusive privilege of the Left."
Well, that goes without saying, and I congratulate you, Ms. Journey, for being accurate (almost, hi red tory) with that observation.
Yes, you can only exhibit FREE SPEECH if you have the FREEDOM OF THOUGHT that intelligence profers an individual. I must say that it seems to me as well, Ms. Journey, that the 'other side, the one on the right' only regurgitates talking points and simpleminded, un-analyzed dogma, so sure, good call, free speech, thought, rationality, whatever, is prevalently found on the left.

I want to congratulate you on a huge step in your personal growth today, Jo, for we can only mature if we admit our faults, and well, that is about as big a fault as you can get!

Ti-Guy said...

And now she's got her fans rushing in to console her...poor thing:

Joanne, I'm not surprised by RT's ranting, but I am disappointed. Don't let his conservativephobic blogsite get to you.

My goodness...the lady verily doth swoon and must rely on chilvarous Calgary boys to catch her.

These people are ridiculous. From her little lying post to this dull and overwrought little wingnut spectacle.

Bah. I long for the good old days when very dumb people couldn't use computers.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get into 'debate and respectful criticism'.
Eh, not so much

Red Tory said...

You beat me to the punch. I read her post first and thought, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” And then I went and checked your site and sure enough, your reaction was the same. Great minds and all that…

I can deeply sympathize with the intrepid “Sparky” having myself tried on numerous occasions to engage Joanne in a respectful and civil manner only to have my legitimate criticisms dismissed as “nitpicking” and then finally being told to go away and leave her alone because I’d become wearisome.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Gracious, she is so young. Perhaps not in years, but intellectually - I read through her site. Why do I think she is young? I raised kids, I went through the teaching = do not judge others - we all have warts, do not run roughshod through the mall and inconvenience others cause no one is superior, do not act superior cause see previous statement, do not step on anyone on the way up cause they are your bread and butter and if you piss them off, they will be waiting to shove you down when you fall. Most of all, be kind to others. Do not characterize people by labels -each person is an individual but recognize that there is a hive instinct and adjust accordingly. She lost me when she carelessly tossed off that Canadians were wimps. Good grief, I suppose if one is a pampered princess, one can afford to toss off that sort of drivel. I wonder whether she has ever volunteered for anything, has ever come into contact with those less fortunate, has ever stepped outside her bubble.
Personally, I've filed her into "Willfully Ignorant", which is much worse that my file of
"Uneducated and ignorant".
I expect she will be recruited for the next election cycle, much as the SMA doyen was during the last one. Perhaps that is her objective?

Anonymous said...

It amuses me when some asshat posts stuff to the internet in what is essentially a public forum and then whines when people disagree with them. If you don't like what other people have to say, then lock down your blog and only give access to your buddies. How hard is that?

This Joanne person is quite a tool.

Anonymous said...

e in md must suck a lot of tool....don't be offended or whine, it's just me disagreeing with you, in a public forum.

you are a stupid fuck.