Saturday, June 30, 2007

... and that's why they call him "the eJankulator."

Having milked the counterfeit Colgate story every which way until next Tuesday, poor Steve Janke is depressed that he just can't get the love, but that's fine because the Boy Detective is hot on the trail of another bodice-ripping scoop:

I have a report from Shell Chemical detailing a shocking problem discovered in Holland. Chinese-made piping for a major chemical plant was discovered to have been deliberately reworked to hide serious flaws that engineers believe could have resulted in disastrous consequences.

Wow ... this does sound serious. Tell us more, Steve:

Shell, the Dutch petrochemical giant, is currently constructing a world-scale styrene monomer/propylene oxide plant at Moerdijk, The Netherlands, known as MSPO-2.

Don't worry if you didn't know that.

Like any major industrical chemical operation, huge pipes will move massive volumes of potentially lethal chemicals from point to point in the processing. These pipes can't fail, or else people die.

Holy shit, how did you come by this, Steve?

So read this report from Shell Chemicals that was slipped to me.

Whoa, Steve has his own deep cover sources. Cool. And seriously fucking scary. I mean, it gets worse:

So two Chinese-based companies have been called out by Shell Chemical for shipping substandard part that Shell alleges were deliberately reworked to hide the flaws. Some pipes looked like they were welded together from different pieces, like a broken ceramic cup stuck back together with crazy glue. Paperwork was allegedly falsified, and certificates supplied with the Chinese parts were suspect. Worse than that, allegedly flawed piping and flanges were already installed, and had to be removed at great cost, but the alternative would have "disastrous" safety incidents. The entire project has been put in jeopardy by the "intentional deception".

Jesus, this sounds major and ... and ... um ... excuse me?

The report is not dated so I can't tell you if this is a current problem or one that has been resolved.


Very long pause.

Yeah, Steve, I hope you don't mind if I just call you "Jillian" from now on, m'kay?

Sometimes, life just doesn't get any better.

, you want a juicy story to dig into? With lurid language and a Canadian connection? Here's one -- the Canadian right-wing-o-sphere is awash in hateful bigots, white supremacists and morons.

Come on, Steve ... a clever lad like you should be able to tease a couple posts out of that. Really. I mean, I gave you the first link, so I'm expecting credit.


Ti-Guy said...

Far better for Wanke to stick his nose into Shell's pipes and flanges than Cindy Sheehan's.

An undated report....Uh-huh. I suppose it's believable that some professionals are associated with oganisations that don't require their reports to be dated.

Anonymous said...

So if I'm understanding Janke correctly, he's found "evidence" that somewhere, at some time, some company did some shoddy work and tried to cover it up.

Yes, I can see why the Canadian mainstream press is beating a path to his door.