Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why, yes, I WAS right again, thanks for asking.

You know, it's almost boring being this stunningly prescient, but, what the hell ...

... this is a [no-fly] list that, once you're on, it's damned near impossible to get off of, which means that your life will almost certainly never be the same. Once you're on, you can expect to get the same hassle every single time you try to fly.

Oh, look (emphasis added):

Two boys named Alistair Butt, one from Saskatchewan and one from Ontario, were stopped while trying to board flights last week because their name matches a name that appears on a no-fly list...

Both boys were eventually allowed to board, once they were cleared by security after long delays, but their families fear they will face the same problem every time they try to fly.

"Canada is telling him he's guilty until proven innocent every time he flies," the Ontario boy's mother, Heather Butt, told CBC News.

But it gets so much better, as I also wrote:

And the worst part? Well, that would be the part that Joel finds so hilarious -- that you can never call ahead to find out if you're still on the list or not. Every flight is now a gamble ...

Oh, look: Part 2:

The list is not available to the public, which means those on it will only find out when they try to travel.

In other news, I'll go out on a limb and predict that Steve Janke will shortly find more evidence of corporate malfeasance somewhere. Yes, it's a bold prediction, but I'm feeling daring these days.


Anonymous said...

Corporate malfeasance somewhere at some time, let's not forget.
Steve seems to have problems with dates.

Anonymous said...

Guilty of what? Having a silly name? Are there a lot of terrorists running around with the name Allistair Butt?