Thursday, June 07, 2007

And you started off so well, Mr. Erl.

Blogging Tory Mr. Erl gives one brief pause that he might actually not be as batshit crazy as the vast majority of his BT colleagues:

I don't really have much to say about this except that Mr. Casey should watch where he steps for the next little while and should be congratulated for doing what he thought was right. No matter how angry you are at the poor guy for voting against the government, you have to commend the guy on his dedication to his beliefs...

Good, good ... tell me more ...

People should be impressed by this man. He says "I won't vote for the budget if this is in it" and he actually doesn't.

Yes, yes, oh God, yes ... principle ... thoughtful nuance ... and then, the inevitable BT crash and burn:

A politician that tells the truth. An odd sight in Ottawa before this Tory government came into power...Mr. Harper's team is actually doing a good job of holding their promises...that is something we can all be proud of...

Yes, Mr. Erl, that's it. Whenever I think of the Stephen Harper government, it's their stunning ability to keep their word that always leaps out at me.

P.S. And your fawning adoration for that sleazy, little hack Brian Lemon? That didn't really help your credibility much, either.

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