Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Steve Janke preferential treatment syndrome.

Hmmmmmmm ... curiouser and curiouser. As a followup to this piece from over 12 hours ago, it appears that, while the posted articles under his have changed, Steve Janke's classless begging for money still occupies the top spot over at the Blogging Tories.

Now, it may well be that that bit of prime real estate is based solely on reader click-throughs or something like that, which would be perfectly acceptable. But it's also possible that Janke's pleading has had a little technical help, at which point, if I were a member of the BTs, I'd be a bit pissed that my contributions were artificially being given less than equal treatment compared to a whiner whose current claim to fame is that he's so stupidly irresponsible that he opens himself up to legal action every so often with his asinine ramblings, and has to ask for help to deal with the logical consequences.

So ... anyone know what's going on here? By God, we'll dig into this and ferret out the truth or my name's not Steve J... uh ... never mind, just getting a little caught up in the chase.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Apparently, it's all the Left's fault. And they're right -- I can't wait for the next chance to use my mind control device on Steve Janke, to force him to do something stupid, irresponsible and legally actionable.

Yeah, sort of like that, but without the diaper.

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mikmik said...

I think this guy is a seer:
June 19th, 2007 at 4:27 am

Thats the way it goes, those with money will always crush those without. Only way to defeat this is to become as ruthless as they and make money and crush them back. Remember “Revenge is a dish well served cold”

Now, let's see if the bitches at BT are upset about their own steve janke is being sued for claiming the Libs did first:
The Harper government must place billions of dollars in military purchases on hold in light of a scathing report that shows a spike in sole-sourced military contracts under the former defence lobbyist who is now Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor, Liberal Defence Critic Denis Coderre said.
More at Liberal.ca:Media Releases

Actually, what was his commentary? Alarm bells light up when I see words like this: "I believe the commentary was fair and accurate, but despite this, blah blah..."

Haha, well, I believe you are a snivelling cry-baby... so there, sue me!