Thursday, June 14, 2007

The bigotry of really low expectations.

Exciting new developments in political wingnuttery:

Harper shows compassion meeting with widow

This is going to be a “good news” post — for a change — one that praises an elderly woman for her chutzpah and the prime minister for his ability to stop what he is doing and listen to a citizen of this country. So, if good news and compliments about our prime minister’s ability to show compassion and leadership is not something you want to hear about, read no further.

So, then, it appears that Prime Minister Cowboy Hat really is, you know, a compassionate conservative since he took time out of his busy schedule to be nice to a widow as opposed to maybe dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire, or biting off her head like a live chicken.

I hear he also didn't murder an immigrant or sodomize an altar boy. I have a new role model.


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Scotian said...

This being the widow that had promise letters from Steve Harper Leader of the Official Opposition promising her that as soon as he formed government he would act on her behalf, right? Such a compromise to meet with someone you played for stupid, especially an 80 year old veteran's widow 16 months after becoming government and doing nothing that you promised her specifically and in writing.

900ft Jesus said...

I tried leaving a comment on Ms. Censorship's Blog and it was removed with her saying that oddly, the only to Libs who posted (gee, she's psychic, too!) had their posts end up in her spam, then she claimed I said something other than what I actually said.

I guess that way she can always be right! Brilliant!

The article she refers to quotes Mrs. Carter who confronted Harper, coming from Cape Breton to do it (and the evil Liberals paid her flight as part of their evil plot to make Harper look bad. That is some briliant planning, I'd say.

The woman herself had very harsh words for Harper, and here she is, being used again by these vapid Harperites to promote the Creature. Obscene.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, clever post.

Anonymous said...

Good news? What a letdown.

Here I get hooked by the first line.
"This is going to be a “good news” post — for a change — one that praises an elderly woman for her chutzpah".

Lets see now, we're given a feisty senior on a mission, the chunky monkey getting cornered and a promise of good news. Hmmm, how could this results in good news for me?
The mind immediately starts off in the permutations of how this might play out.

In suspense I visit CotM for resolution and I'm forced to wade through Sandy's gooey diatribe to find out granny basically got blown off with a hollow promise of 'we'll git er done, after all, we're the git it dunners, git it?'
The promised 'good news' evokes anything from the PM across her knee getting a good paddling to granny leaving his office with a ball sac in one hand, paring knife in the other and saying 'Now you keep your promise and I'll keep mine to give them back'.

I guess that stuff only happens in the movies.

Notice too the less than honest throwing out of some stats that are basically meaningless but sound good to the unthinking reader-
"while the program costs $270 million a year and provides benefits to 97,000 widows of veterans, there are another 240,000 widows who do not qualify for the program"
But what percent of that 240,000 are going to benefit from the expanded coverage I ask?
Sandy leaves it for me to assume all of them are.

I strongly doubt that.

In the first place, bunnypants has to come through on the promise in the next budget ( right, check-mail, call-tommorow, mouth-not) but the biggest omission is any surviving spouse of someone enlisting after 1953 wouldn't qualify.

Ignore all those pesky details though because Sandy is happy.
Cause Sandy's mainlining the Harper BS and it numbs her, mind, body and soul.
Just ask any junkie and they'll agree, for them every hit is 'good news'.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

CC: "I hear he also didn't murder an immigrant or sodomize an altar boy."

uh,... source, please?