Thursday, June 14, 2007

And the James Holsinger beatdown just keeps rolling on.

Poor Joanne -- it must be exquisitely painful to watch your hero getting his nads handed to him on a plate:

The majority believed that homosexuality, if practiced in a caring, committed relationship, was acceptable, Wogaman said. "When the majority was beginning to form its views, Dr. Holsinger was in strong disagreement with that and chose to leave the committee, in some anger," Wogaman said.

Holsinger opposed any recognition of homosexuality as normal, Wogaman said. "He took the view that it's pathological, that homosexuality is both sin and a kind of mental sickness," Wogaman said. "He was quite vocal about it."

And someone who clearly hates faggots just so happens to find scientific "evidence" to support his position. Man ... what are the chances of that?


MgS said...

Man ... what are the chances of that?

Hmmm...right up there with a coherent argument from Joanne? (or perhaps even Jinx)

Ti-Guy said...

Holsinger's a senile old sack who needs to retire. C'mon...68? Off to the knacker's yard with him!