Saturday, June 30, 2007

The mote in one's eye.

(CC News) -- In an ongoing series, Canada's conservative blogging collective, the "Blogging Tories," have continued their criticism of the mainstream media, accusing it of deliberately downplaying or ignoring inconvenient stories, based purely on political or ideological considerations.

In unrelated news, when asked about the recent statements by U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney that he wasn't a member of the executive branch and was therefore not subject to any oversight or accountability whatsoever, the shocked BTs replied, "No way! He said that!? When the fuck did that happen??"

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thwap said...

These people are totally fucking useless.

They didn't have a problem with the WMDs bullshit. They pedalled that crap themselves.

They're the last people to be able to talk about the media's flaws after their whole Jamail Hussein debacle.

Glenn Greenwald has a great article about this on "Salon."

These right-wing morons have no credibility left, ... it's in the negative integers, ... but they're totally unaware of their laughingstock status.

Probably because, as McClelland pointed out, when the MSM does reach out to the blogosphere, it instinctively goes to shitheads like Malkin, or KKKate, or Glen Reynolds.

And then these idiots think they're vindicated: "Look!! The corrupt fools who I despise NOTICED me!!!"