Friday, June 29, 2007

You have to love the irony.

Robert McClelland paints a depressing picture of right-wing civility, including this gem from Canada's Lowest Common Denominatrix™:

Mark my words - the moment is approaching when a bandana prowling these police protected barricades will end up in the crosshairs of someone’s high powered rifle.

And when whingers start talking about high powered rifles, well, you might want to pay attention. They have a history.


thwap said...

Nice tough talk KKKate.

She probably gets offended by the whole "KKK" -Kate thing. But that's exactly what she is.

It's also quite possible that in unguarded moments she'll say that "there's a lot of truth" to what the KKK says.

Somena Woman said...

It was an interesting coincidence that Katie darling was promoting the minute-men movement a couple years back, saying "I have friends who would pay to take a vacation like that" in reference to the 2 weeks patroling the US Mexico border to keep the "illegals" from crossing over. The big ha ha factor and why the KKK thing sticks on her like stink to poo, is that the minuteman group was found to have been heavily infiltrated by white supremacists according to the Southern Poverty Law Association. It's true. It's all up on the Small Dead Animals 2.0 site. No Charge!

Makes you wonder about Kate's "friends" huh?

Throw in that whole dog breeding thing... get it? The whole obsession with "pure breeds" -- hell -- she's obsessed with my genetics for some reason, she's posted about that subject like a dozen or so more times. This woman really has a thing about "purity" or breed, be it human, or pet...

I think the case really can be made that KKKate really is a closet KKK.

Ti-Guy said...

She probably gets offended by the whole "KKK" -Kate thing.

Somehow I doubt it. She might be embarrassed if the evidence of her white supremacy is ever trotted out the next time anyone in the mainstream takes her seriously, but doing that involves extensive documentation, and frankly, examining KKKate is like examining an unflushed toilet.

My biggest regret from the last federal election is that it relieved KKKate from making good on her threat to leave Canada. The white supremacists in Alabama are in dire need of someone with basic literacy skills.