Monday, June 25, 2007

The selectivity of outrage, Joel Johannesen style.

If there's one thing that gets Joel's Underoos in a bunch, it's getting railroaded:

'The first is the laudable pluck of Canada, the single nation that fought to the end against the outrageous “consensus” that was reached. First Canada opposed the package deal that included the singling out of Israel and the rewarding of Cuba and Belarus. The council chair ignored this, moving the item forward as if consensus had been reached.

Next, Canada, unbowed, called a point of order against the chairman’s action, forcing a vote. Finally, the council voted 46 to 1 (Canada), in effect retroactively and falsely deciding that consensus had been reached and blatantly violating, as Canada’s ambassador put it, “more than 60 years of established practice of the UN, which is based on the fundamental principle of equality of all of its member states.”'

Yeah, having your rights trampled in a meeting by an autocratic dictator. That has to suck.

Well, OK ... there might be the occasional exception. But just the one -- we don't want to make a habit of this.

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