Monday, June 04, 2007

Because sometimes you DO have to draw them a picture.

When actual reason and logic and appeal to facts is lost on the Wingnut-o-sphere, sometimes pretty charts and graphs are all you have left:

Now, who can spot the recent and disturbing trend? Anyone? Anyone? Kate?

PRESCIENT AFTERSNARK: And come September, when the commanders on the ground in Iraq declare the "surge" a raving success, well, it's not as if they're even waiting to see how things turn out (emphasis added):

The senior U.S. commanders in Iraq -- Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno and Gen. David Petraeus -- want the surge to continue until at least December and expect to report enough progress in Iraq by September to justify it, officials told ABC News' Martha Raddatz.

Why, yes ... let's not wait until September to see how things are going, when we can announce now how we figure it's all going to shake out. Apparently, that saves time.

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