Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Well, sure, if you look at it *that* way.

Rebel News' David Menzies wonders why more Ottawa eateries didn't take advantage of the sudden influx of violent, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, unmasked, unvaccinated troglodytes that descended on the city:

Tune in next week when David admits that the Holocaust might have had its downside, but all that confinement clearly gave Jewish families the chance for more quality together time, and if they didn't take advantage of that, well, that's on them.


Ramirezplayer said...

Restaurants? I thought they extorted free meals under threat of violence from soup kitchens. Why would they need restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure getting smacked around by the RCMP didn't scramble what few brain cells he has?

Ramirezplayer said...

I can see it now "please wear a mask or we will be fined....because Ottawa police only charge those that they think will not resist:

Trucker "mask?, fuck you you'll serve me food and liquor for free because you should be supporting our cause "

Cue the rumble with the truckers and the staff.

Anonymous said...

David has obviously never run a restaurant. Welcoming loud, unwashed people keen to share their antisocial views turns off the regulars. Or, as the wise barman said, let one Nazi in and pretty soon you're running a Nazi bar.

CC said...

Anon @8:28 AM: That is a salient point -- if I went to one of my favourite restos, only to find it crammed wall-to-wall with racist hillbillies sporting swastikas, reeking of diesel fuel and Nazism, and bellowing "Fuck Trudeau!", not only would I turn around and leave, but they'd never see my business again, not even for take-out or delivery.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been saying for many years now that the biggest problem our society has is that the right has mastered the art of “heads we win, tails you lose.” Because of this, neither political parties on the left or the media (or the internet now I would argue…thanks “algorithms”) know how to function and confront this problem.

For a long time, our society has been able to somewhat manage because people could be trusted to have principles and care about truth and facts and honesty, as well as looking after your fellow Canadians. This is often seen as “the good ol days” when people all supposedly got along and we weren’t so divided. But as the right’s beliefs and policies have consistently failed to make lives better, and they have constantly lost the “culture” arguments…they have been forced to be more extreme and dishonest and manipulative to hold on to power. And the rich ruling minority NEED conservatives to be in power to keep the power structures in place, so they keep funding the bad actors purely out of self interest.

Ultimately, this leads to fascism. A well funded group who benefit from shredding democracy and anti-intellectualism and demonizing “others” who are seen as getting in their way, solely to protect private wealth/power. Where truth is less about facts and evidence, and more about “feelings” of fear and anger and outrage directed at “others”. They coopt language (like “freedom” and “individual rights” and “self determination”) and warp them to such an abstract level that they claim exclusive ownership and right to things they are actively trying to kill and suppress for everyone else.

This story is a great example of how they keep doing this over and over. Everyone is wrong but them. Everyone else hates “freedom”, because they aren’t being allowed to spit directly in your face. Everyone else is bad because they aren’t supporting these fascist’ anger,hate, spite-based politics, bullying, harassment and violence…why don’t they take personal responsibility for their own actions and just STFU and serve them food? Wh are THEY making this so politically divisive? It’s not US…we just want freedom (for us to be selfish hateful bigots and assholes, ruining society and never having to self-reflect or accept responsibility for our own actions ever.).

Unfortunately, I don’t see things getting better until non-conservative political parties and the media figure out a solution to this “heads we win, tails you lose”, perpetual victimhood narrative. And I don’t see that happening any time soon. The media is far too trained to play nice with the right out of fear, and to “both sides” every story regardless of which side the facts and truth may actually be on.

Anonymous said...

"100,000 people"...good one, David

Brian Busby said...

Kinda difficult to serve food when your suppliers are blocked from your restaurant.