Sunday, February 06, 2022

So, how's that brand new law enforcement initiative working out?

Well, shit ...

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Anonymous said...

I'm honestly amazed the "police" haven't been personally carting in the fuel themselves, along with several cases of luggage full of unmarked bills, and tickets to a tropical location of their choice.

It makes one wonder how long this would have gone on for if the "police" took their jobs seriously, blocked off anyone from coming in, and let the,, I was right the first time...let them run out of fuel and possibly food and supplies.

Instead, the fuckers have built shacks, collected wood from god knows where, collected propane tanks, have had saunas brought in, and have even set up a bouncy castle! Despite all that, they STILL complain about how badly the "police" have treated them. Talk about white privilege and the burden of being mildly inconvenienced, if that! God, what a bunch of whiny babies, and that's offensive to whiny babies. At least actual babies are likely to grow out of it.