Friday, February 11, 2022

Just so you know ...

At the moment, the faux trucker "Freedom Convoy" has disrupted international travel, thrown U.S.-Canada supply chains into chaos, forced the layoffs of thousands of Canadians and turned Ottawa's downtown into a war zone (among other things).

Most Canadians (including truckers) are fed up with this.

Rebel News' Ezra Levant -- with the assistance of truckloads of utterly unaccountable and untraceable foreign dark money -- is quite literally fundraising and subsidizing this to make sure it continues.

Sure, let's talk about treason.

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Anonymous said...

This is a political crisis encouraged by Conservative quislings.

As such, the Trudeau Gov. should message it that way.
The Truckers are extreme right-wingers whose demands are as farcical as they are impossible for Trudeau to do anything about.

Both provincial and federal Cons wanted to "own" Trudeau by a tacit and direct approval of what is basically blackmail by extremists.

Since the opposition cares more about "scoring points", it would be perfectly reasonable for this crisis to be used that way.

The organizers are right-wing extremists.
Foreign money is funding this.
Their aim to to blackmail democracy.
Their demands are not in the Federal domain (for the most part).
The Conservatives have encouraged this.

Enough is enough, there are laws that can be enforced.
Do it.