Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Seriously, Craig, what's your point?

And with the recent acquisition of one Maria "Dodo Can Spell" Nunes, one can safely conclude that Craig Smith's new Canadian conservative blogging aggregator "Canadian Conservatives" has achieved a level of pure crapitude that suggests absolutely no one take it even remotely seriously. Which is a shame, since it actually had the potential to be useful.

One has to wonder what Blogging Tory co-founder Craig Smith was thinking when he decided that Canada needed yet another right-wing Canadian blog aggregator. However, upon reflection, it wasn't a bad idea since, quite simply, the Blogging Tories (under the current baton of Captain Canada Stephen Taylor) is complete garbage.

Even with the disclaimer that the BTs don't officially represent Conservative Party of Canada dogma, it's hard to miss that the Blogging Tories are little more than a gushing, moist-panty, perpetual paean to the awesome, dick-stiffening wonderfulness that is Stephen Harper, to the point where one can safely ignore everything written there. But if that's the case, where would one find, you know, thoughtful, nuanced, intelligent and educated right-wing commentary? And that's where Craig Smith screwed the pooch tremendously.

He had the chance to do exactly that -- provide an outlet for Canadian conservatives that weren't batshit crazy bigots, racists, neo-Nazi sympathizers and scientific illiterates. It would have been delightful to read the ponderings of staunch conservatives who nonetheless disapproved of torture, or thought the government had some kind of obligation to help Canadian citizens marooned overseas, or thought that democracy was a good idea. Good God, what a breath of fresh air that would have been. But it would have required imposing some standards, and explicitly leaving behind the worst of the worst of Canadian conservatism to fester in the swamp of Blogging Tory putridness.

No such luck. Given the chance to clean house, Smith has instead thrown open the doors, and has already collected the likes of Dr. Roy Eappen, Justin Hoffer, "Hunter", Fred "Gay and Right" Litwin and Maria S Nunes. At which point, one is entirely entitled to ask -- what was the point, Craig? Why create a new aggregator if it's just going to ooze the same screeching idiocy and mindless sycophantic hero worship as the old one?

You had a chance to actually do something useful, Craig. What a shame that you fucked it up completely.


sooey said...

Well... good. I mean... it's not like they're attracting supporters.

Anonymous said...

The same could be said of Gerry's Libertas...

and please his name is dr roy: idiot extraordinaire and Marianapolis college alumni...