Monday, January 11, 2010

Just wait until they can drown it in a bathtub.

Here's an interesting new, prorogation-related talking point: government is bad. Oddly, the very people who think so little of government are the same ones who are desperately trying to retain control of it.

Does that strike anyone else as curious?


Adam said...

It doesn't strike me as odd at all, it a perfect fit for the over-controlling parent archetype that these Conservatives fit into. They are the types who don't teach children how to swim, they just ban them from going in the water. They don't like how facts come out, so rather than learn from them, they would rather prevent their children from learning about them (i.e, science, other cultures/countries).

And government - they may not like it, but only by controlling it can they make sure no one else does anything bad with it (parents who take "dangerous" toys away rather than educate children and play with them - that's hard work).

And of course, like all of those who "benevolently" take power to prevent bad "others" from holding it, they don't ever let go of the control and only build upon it (like so many revolutionaries and dictators in history).

Jonathan D. Strong said...

CC: I think that's the nicest post you've ever had of me. I'm touched.

Happy new year to you and yours. (I'm being sincere here)

sooey said...

You have to wonder about people who vote for politicians who don't want to govern.

terraderma said...

Anarchy is wonderful as long as everyone plays by the rules