Friday, January 08, 2010

Jeezus, Matt, whine much?

The National Post's Matt Gurney has suddenly decided to be totally, totally put out by rude people who aren't interested in his opinion. I'm guessing this is a new development for Matt, since it's never seemed to bother him before.

: Before Matt gets even more insufferably pompous about being ruthlessly censored, he might take a second to read the description over at the Pro-prorogation Facebook group (emphasis tail-waggingly added):


A gathering of persons who live in Canada who would like to voice their support of the prorogation of parliament and the Prime Minister. These persons may join this group and discuss their support.

This Facebook group was not convened or advised to convene by anyone other than NB Tory Gal. She opened this page to allow communication from all Canadians who say YES to the prorogation of parliament. This Group is not a pro or con discussion group. It is solely supportive and informational. I and my admins reserve the right to delete comments that are texted within the group that clearly show that the person texting them is not a YES person but is there to cause as much trouble and aggrevation [sic] as they can. This includes the banning of these individuals.

So here's a thought, Matt -- given the above, howzabout you shut the fuck up about lefty intolerance and censorship? Think of that as friendly advice, to help you look like not so much of an ass.


M@ said...

I'd happily delete this Asher guy's comments if I were a mod on that group, just because he wants to generalize all anti-prorogation people as entitled socialists who don't have jobs. Don't these guys ever take a look at the world outside their little right-wing cocoon?

In other news: Matt Gurney, Charles Adler, and Asher are all Christofundamentalist anti-democracy fascists. And anyone who disagrees with me is just being rude.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Doncha just love it, when the tables are turned. You know, I think this entire perogie thing is a watershed moment for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I see that Crux is no longer an admin...

but that waste of skin Dimitri Pantazopoulos is still part of the group... Wonder if he will tell us his polls are neutral?

chris said...

No one over there is questioning the picture of Harper shaking hands with The Marxist Kenyan Fascist Usurper Dude from the States.

Ti-Guy said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with censoring people who have joined an initiative to undermine it, which isn't the same thing as being critical or skeptical.

Every group does that. If you don't support, even minimally, the purpose of the initiative, you are free to go elsewhere. No one is compelling you to join.

I can't believe what disingenuous crybabies these wingnuts are.

sooey said...

Well, if real Conservatives had any balls, they'd speak out against MPs being paid by taxpayers NOT to do their jobs.

Alison said...

I've been looking for the radio clip I listened to yesterday of Chris Whyte and Matt Gurney on Charles Adler but I can't seem to find it now.
Anyway Chris stated that he had never erased even one single message for "ideological reasons" although he had belatedly erased some that were in "bad taste". He stressed that it was important to him that the site be "non-partisan" so that productive dialogue could thrive and that only he and the individual posters were able to delete comments.
This was followed up by Adler and Gurney repeatedly saying - and I mean repeatedly - "I don't want to call you a liar but..."
until Chris eventually pointed out that if someone posted a message and then decided to delete it, there was little he could do about it.

Alison said...

Here it is.

CK said...

I have the link over at my site: as well as my commentary:

Also posted over at

You will also notice that dat other hack, Don Crook, doesn't accept comments on his blogolitics page.