Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sure, Doc, that sounds like a plan.

Jesus Christ. Although, frankly, the entertainment value would be off the scale. I can see the pressers now: "Uh, Stephen? As a co-founder of the Blogging Tories, do you agree that the violent murders of minorities is just knee-slappingly funny and a total fucking hoot?"

I would pay to be there. Seriously.

NO, WAIT, I have a better one: "Yo, Stephen. As someone who once publicly denigrated the "Ignatieff endorsed unelected coalition government supported by the Bloc Quebecois," have you actually taken the time to learn how Canadian elections work? Or are you still that awesomely fucking stupid?"

That hire is so not going to happen, but feel free to imagine what you'd ask Taylor in a roomful of journalists. Your only limit is your imagination.

: Commenter "Kerry Forrest" over there has an interesting idea:

The opportunities to connect and communicate with younger voters especially, and allow them to realize the right is not scary, it is rational.

Yeah, Kerry, let's go with that idea. Let's introduce that youthful Canadian electorate to the co-founder of the Blogging Tories as a shining beacon of rationality. Let me know how that works out, m'kay?


Ti-Guy said...

I think their are rules preventing Harper from replacing Kory Teneycke with his same-sex spouse.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what plans dr roy will have for Mariapolis alumni..

Could it be worst than "sleep with potential" donor campaign that he encouraged...

I wish I was kidding.