Thursday, August 06, 2009

Smithers! Release the hounds!

And, once again, the troglodytes known as the "Blogging Tories" take their marching orders from their federal masters, and grab their pitchforks and torches in search of another journo doing her job. Let's follow the bouncing retribution, shall we?

  • Senator Mike Duffy, who can only aspire to be an honest whore, gives a speech in which he does everything but fellate Stephen Harper in public.

  • Journalist Teresa Wright does her journalistic duty, and writes about it.

  • From deep within the CPoC bunkers, the fax machines begin to hum.

  • Right on schedule, the backlash begins.

What a curious new development in Canadian politics ... a rapid-response mob of carefully-choreographed shrieking harpies whose only obvious purpose is to denigrate and intimidate. Any of that starting to sound vaguely familiar?

AFTERSNARK: It occurs to me to suggest that, if you're a loyal supporter of the very party that passed fixed election date legislation, then promptly broke its own law, you really have no right to bitch and moan when other people start to speculate about upcoming elections and prefer not to take your word for anything. Because, well, at this point, your word isn't worth a bag of used cat litter.

And I say that with the greatest possible respect for bags of used cat litter.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Harper is out at some bbq in Surrey droning on about how the CPC has lowered taxes and "warning" Canadians that the LPC, Bloc and NDP are out to reformulate a coalition first chance they get....get the hint? Hot dogs are made of meat slurry.

CC said...

Coalition ... coalition ... oh, you mean this kind of coalition?

I really need more of a challenge in this job. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Compare the "truth" of these two statements:

Mike Duffy, "Your federal government is moving heaven and earth, literally, to protect Canadians from economic downturn,"

Teresa Wright:"Federal Conservatives gathered in Ottawa last week for training sessions to prepare for the possibility of a fall election. The meetings coincided with the party’s annual mid-summer meeting of the Tory caucus, but MPs and senators also got pointers on the hot-button topics that could potentially lead to an election."

fairywriter wins

Anonymous said...

He means
the kind of coalition where you just go over their heads

Sheena said...

Seriously? I didn't even know you could still buy fax machines.

Anonymous said...

In China, online mobs who flood blogs and comment sections with pro-government posts are called "Wu Mao", or "50 Cents", because they're paid that much in yuan per post.

What should we call their Canadian counterparts?

CC said...

Blogging Tories. That was a trick question, right?