Sunday, August 09, 2009


And now that numerous Blogging Tories have finally finished howling, screaming, foaming, frothing, humping the furniture and excitedly licking their privates, we can check in on reality.

You're welcome.

HEH. Gladney gets TBogged. How can you read that and not think of ...

: If you didn't bother to follow the links, here's the funniest part:

It turns out that Kenneth Gladney is a man without health insurance. And he's asking for help with his medical bills.

Yeah ... a man who was out protesting health care reform and fabricated a story of being brutally assaulted is now begging for financial help for treatment for his "injuries" because he has no health insurance.

You couldn't do any better if you were reading The Onion.

: Lots of crunchy, wingnutty goodness added to that Daily Kos post.

WHERE'S KENNETH? If you want to appreciate what's happening in the "beating" video, make sure you know who the players are. This is the mortally injured victim:

So now when you watch the video, you can appreciate how perky he seems to be after his "beating," wandering around looking suspiciously hale and hearty.

It's a victimhood thing.

P.S. So what I'm actually saying is that I have no problem with black conservatives being assaulted and beaten brutally and viciously. That must be what I'm saying, right?

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mikmik said...

wv = melodogmatic. BT behaviour and reaction to any indescretion, real or percieved or just plain fabricated, by any opponent that doesn't agree with their ideology.