Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'll see your screeching dingbat and raise you a frothing lunatic.

The U.S. has "birther" Orly Taitz. Canada has Maria S. There's your thoughtful, nuanced Canadian conservative punditry, kids. Creepy, isn't it?

HERE'S THE BEST PART: Recall, if you will, Antonia Zerbisias' recent piece, calling out the whiners on the Right who keep wondering, "Where are all the feminists?" Yeah, you know what's coming, don't you?

Sudanese police beat and tear gas women supporting Lubna Hussain [sic]

Sudanese journalist Lubna Hussein, is kissed by a supporter as she enters court.

Could the feminists in Canada get together to show their support for the women of Sudan.

How can you even mock these people anymore?


Stimpson said...

Creepy, yes. But mostly boring.

Red Tory said...

LOL. Indeed.

Maria is like "Hunter" on steroids.

I think we should start a "Dead Pool" for when she will give up frothing and yammering away on her comment-free blog.

thwap said...

Of course, if the USA captures 12 year olds and tortures them, that's just smart tactics in the GWOT.

And if stephen harper puts out a manual on how to disrupt parliamentary committees, that's just "business as usual" because "everybody does it," except nobody else does.

That blog has to be a parody site.

Ti-Guy said...

Creepy, yes. But mostly boring.

And stupid, don't forget stupid.

I regret the day I ever gushed about the "democratisation of information access." I'm even having second thoughts about public education and universal literacy.

KEvron said...

"The violence and destructiveness of Left-wing unionists, peace demonstrators and anti-apartheid demonstrators"

no, i'm not buying it. this is a put-on. which one of you clowns is behind this?


Southern Quebec said...

"...yammering away on her comment-free blog."

It's comment free because...are you ready for it...Comment Moderation is on. The Speechifiers are at it again. I have posted over there and she seems to only post comments from one really crazy guy.

Wow...banned by Hunter, crazy Dodo won't post my comments, SUZY ALL CAPS is on moderation(she also refused to publish a comment I made). Maybe it's time to take them to the HRC. :)

D.A. said...

"This blog belongs to a Conservative woman who believes in total freedom of speech. If you are not in sync with my mind-set, please keep away from this blog, and I "Thank you" for not polluting it with your presence."

Hmm... yep, that's freedom of speech right there.