Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dodo can fuck off.

Against all odds, from the depths of the Blogging Tory pig lagoon, we have none other than "Dodo," raising her head and finally speaking the name that dare not be spoke:

The question now is: The officer in charge at the Canadian High Commission, did he/she have it in for Suaad Mohamud too? And how could the CHC let the Kenya authorities prosecute Suaad Mohamud without looking into her case from all angles and the glaringly obvious evidence of her Canadian nationality.

A real sorry state of affairs. This woman provided the authorities with not only her DNA samples but with all sorts of evidence like Toronto laundry receipts, her health card, you name it she had it.

Of course, just when you're ready to give that ignorant trollop some credit, she goes full-metal classless and infantile:

Regretably I have to quote here from a lefty blogger who said long back: "...the facial recognition experts have weighed in on her side. And then her DNA test proved beyond a shadow of a doubt who she was." and yet, and yet ......

Yes, it must really suck to admit that we here in Left-o-sphere have been all over this for weeks now like stink on cheese, but having the class to give us any credit for it is quite beyond Dodo. And it takes just one comment from "Morgan" to dive face first back into the Idiot-sphere pig lagoon of conspiracy theory:

Is there any truth to the rumour that the woman trying to re-enter Canada is actually the Canadian citizen's Kenyan sister?

DNA samples were compared to the son's which would show a familial relationship - not neccesarily that she is the mother.

There is more to this story than we are being told in my opinion.

Mercifully, Morgan, you're a useless asshole and your opinion isn't worth shit, so it can be safely ignored. And as for you, Dodo, howzabout you go back to your inane shrieking and leave the real work to us grownups? We've done just fine without your support so far, and I suspect that's not going to change any time soon.


Sparky said...

Point of fact--well cc, you did ask...
Be careful what you ask for, you may (and did) get it.

Ti-Guy said...

I have to agree with Sparky on that one, but then, if we were resolute about that, none of us would ever respond to anything "Conservatives" said or did or didn't say or didn't do because their reaction is always the same. It's just more fodder to attack non-"Conservatives."

Camps. And lots of them. Now. We'll appropriate the compounds of the think tanks for them. In fact, maybe we could convince the corporatists that internment camps are new business opportunities? It's worked for prisons, after all.

Anonymous said...

The Conservative Talking Point today is that Stephen Harper is not personally responsible for this mess, so don't blame him.

If that's the case, Chretien and Martin did not personally hand out stacks of cash to the ad execs (unlike Karlheinz Schreiber) and therefore are not responsible for anything to do with the sponsorship scandal.

Adam C said...

I agree: it's very important to remember that the most micro-managing, narcissistic control freak we've ever had as Prime Minister is nevertheless never responsible when things go wrong.

CC said...

Gentlemen, your points are well taken in that, yes, I *did* ask. But the credit I would have been tempted to give is tempered by the total assholishness with which it was delivered.

And, in point of fact, I'm going to backtrack. At this point, it's simply too late for anyone to enter the game and get any credit for it anymore. Where were all these people when it mattered?

Oh, right ... ignoring brown folk.

bocanut said...

"Oh, right ... ignoring brown folk."

The idiot -in -chief strikes again.

Frank Frink said...

Just dawned on me why bocanut's been hanging around so much of late.

Wayne and rabbit must be on vacation.

Dodoforever said...

Corroding Corpse - you filthy mouthed bastard. What an ego you have! Did you really think I fucking saw your post "tap tap" or some shit like that. Do you think I come to this stinking hole of yours on a daily basis ? My, my - imagine that!! I come only when I check my stats counter and happen to see your stinking blog's name linked to a visitor. And, just in case, in your wildly disillusional state you think that the words I credited to a lefty blogger were yours, get lost you stinking bastard, they were not yours. I visit Dawg's blog once in a way, because he is a decent person and I doubt very much he will lower himself to your guttery level ever. I quoted Dawg, you fucking moron not you. Not that it is any fucking concern of yours, but I wrote about Suaad Mohamud because she is a woman, PERIOD - and not because your fucking moroness came knocking on the Conservative door, you piece of shit. Go back to the gutter you crawled out from you foul mouthed creep and as you can see from the above, you SOB, you do not have a monopoly on foul language.
Dodo Can Spell

Sparky said...

Hi Dodo,

Two points of fact--CC didn't state that you wrote your blog post because of his post. Nor did he imply that your attribution to a 'lefty blog' was directed to him.
So getting your knickers in a knot over these two points is, well, idiotic in that they never happened.
So where does that leave you and your rant?
Oh right... at the corner of 'No' and 'Where'.

liberal supporter said...

Hey "dodoforever", put a sock in it, sock puppet!

I come only when I check my stats counter.
That explains why you come here so seldom. How much time do you spend tracking your one or two visitors?


Metro said...

Dodo Can Spell can't punctuate.

WV = metruat, which is only a few letters from what Dodo Can Barely Chew Gum appears to be doing.

It could be a troll, but you know, the "thought process" (lacking a better term) seems to be pretty much the same.

Canada's cretins: At their keyboards fighting to keep the rest of the country as poor, ignorant, racist, fearful, and mentally defective as themselves.

CC said...

Dear Dodo:

What Sparky said.