Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Craig's figured it out.

Try to ponder the phrase "deification of imbecility" without thinking of the Blogging Tories. I dare you.


Ti-Guy said...

I can't find this stuff funny anymore. It's not the celebration of youth, but the worst part of youth; inexperience, childishness, puerility, proud ignorance, emotional fragility etc. I even find people's voices these days to be a manifestation of it: men sounding like their testicles haven't dropped and women sounding like little girls.

Anyway, people like Benjamin Barber have been talking about this stuff for a while. It's an imperative of consumer capitalism to engender desires of the type children and teenagers are seized by, because, under normal circumstances, people become less interested in getting new things the older they get.

Dizzlski said...

This video puts together what he has been saying for many weeks. The bits he said night after night captured the it better, but the point is still valid.