Monday, August 03, 2009

"But you don't have a flag!"

Back here, in the comments section, some folks who really should know better continue to whinge on about how some people have no rights in combat because they lack the appropriate spiffy dress:

If they were to play by the rules, the rules would indeed apply to them.

Uniforms, ...

Ignoring the fact that the claim about uniforms is, well, total crap:

The Journal editorial also falsely claimed that the ICRC is "demanding POW status for un-uniformed combatants who target civilians." In fact, the ICRC made clear in a 2003 report titled "The legal situation of 'unlawful/unprivileged combatants'" that the group acknowledges a distinction between POWs and unlawful combatants and does not demand POW status for detainees captured in Afghanistan. Rather, the ICRC asserts that while these detainees may not be POWs as defined by the Third Geneva Convention ("Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War"), they still deserve more limited protections under the Fourth Geneva Convention ("Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War") and the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions.

it's always struck me as delightfully colonial and imperialistic to deny the enemy fundamental rights because they're not wearing matching trousers and epaulets. Apparently, we (that would be us white folks) have every right to invade another third-world country and start slaughtering its citizens, while said citizens -- who quite possibly are as impoverished as one could imagine and can barely feed themselves while living in mud huts -- are expected to drop whatever they're doing and nip down to the nearest tailor for swanky duds before they're entitled to fight back. Sort of like this:

The Geneva Conventions: Apparently, only for well-dressed white people.


Anonymous said...

Once again. If you have evidence... But alas, you do not.

All of the detainees we have handled were handled above and beyond the Fourth Protocol. In point of fact, they were given full PoW status despite not being eligible.

Where PoWs and detainees' veer off is in who deals with them. PoWs, we are stuck with them till the cease of hostilities.

Illegal combatants, they belong to the local authorities.

Here is the rub... You clowns do not want any meddling in cultural affairs. The government frankly agrees, and so, we categorically avoid like the plague meddling in cultural affairs...

But wait a second, in is culturally ok for them to engage in corporal punishment. It is a part of their system... Now, we have convinced them (meddled in their cultural affairs) and gotten to the point where the quality of life inside the prison in Kandahar City is better then the quality of life on the streets of Kandahar.

The question of impropriety on the part of the Afghan secret police (NDS), there are allegations made, some proven some proven false...

Despite all of that, we no meddle in NDS business on a regular basis... All of this making us appear more the occupation for then a stabilization force... All this so that we can make sure the ignorance such as yourself can sleep well at night.

You are full of shit, and on this subject, a fucking retard. Cut the emotive crap, get a book, and actually learn what the fuck you are talking about, because frankly, you do not. You are talking right out of your ignorant ass.

But should I expect any better of leftards? Naw, Here I thought you were actually above the usual leftard traits of making shit up and running with it.

Clearly I was wrong.

CC said...

Dear AM:

Please stop being so ignorant. It doesn't become you.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ignorant, did you bother to check the date on that?

Hmmm, ya, did not think so.

Difference between you and I? You get upset over lattes and the latest edition of High TImes magazine over these issues... Me, I have buried friends, and damn near gotten killed myself over these things.

Do try to keep up.

KEvron said...

from back there, in the comments:

"I would never call anyone who convinces anyone to commit a suicide bombing a hero"

yeah, but history very well could.

KEvron, one man's hero

CC said...

AM weasels:

"Speaking of ignorant, did you bother to check the date on that?

Hmmm, ya, did not think so.

Gosh, I'm sorry, AM ... I had no idea that, when you demanded evidence, there was an implicit shelf life. Perhaps you should make that more obvious when you throw down.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Obviously did not read the article, nor the follow on articles.

Keep trying there sparky. You just might get a clue by accident.

Cameron Campbell said...

Oh fuck off.

Lording your military service over civilians is just a pathetic game of "look my cock is bigger".

Frank Frink said...

Cam, he's even played that game with Dave over at The Beav as well.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes... Speaking of big dicks, thanks for bringing that retard dave into this.

And Cam, it speaks to actually having real knowledge of the subject, as opposed to what is read in Pravda. SOmething to be said for real expereince vice, shooting the shit over a bowl of fucking weed.

Fucking useless twats.

Cameron Campbell said...

1) Dave, same footing as you no?
2) It's Cameron. I can show you ID. Frank is an old bud. Earn it.
3) Pravda? hahaha. Pathetic.
4) Weed? I've never done any drugs except booze in my life. Bzzzz! Try again.
5) It isn't the info you're imparting it's:
a) Your shitty fucking attitude (leftards, pravda, all lefties are high on pot blah blah blah)
b) Your crappy, unclear communication style.
6) I have no 6, but I'm trying out even numbered lists toay.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Alpha, you have in the past been pretty reasonable, agreeing to disagree. So now you've decided to can that act and go full metal stereotype. Congratulations on that devolution. After all, if we aren't sucking back a stubby of 50, making compensatory fag jokes and flexing to impress our bros we must be a bunch of stoned commies. And who the fuck are the citizens to go having opinions contrary to some grunt that's done two tours and thus knows the all and everything.

I'll tell you who the citizens are jackass, we're you're fucking bosses, the ones you agree with, the ones you don't, the ones with clues and the ones without. You're welcome to your opinions but you don't do yourself or the uniform proud by making a rude arse of yourself. Stuff your stereotypes up your kit and smarten up.

Anonymous said...

Here's a big fucking hint cunt... Making it personal. Now go gently fuck yourself with a chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

I notice the useless ignorant twat that made this personal has fled the fucking building.

Go fuck youurself CC, you and the rest of your pravda reading, pot smoking leftard twat friends... Go fuck yourselves.

Cameron Campbell said...

To whom are you referring?

Lindsay Stewart said...

what the hell is your grief today alpha? there's always an exit strategy here, you can take a hike whenever you please.

KEvron said...

ugh. that awphul smale of meltdown.


CC said...

So ... anything exciting happen while I was gone? Besides Alpha Male making an astonishing ass of himself.

Here's a thought, AM ... why don't you take a sabbatical until you get a grip? Seriously. This started when I made a claim, you petulantly demanded evidence, I supplied it, and you childishly decided that that didn't count because it wasn't recent enough for you.

If you want to argue like Twatsy, why don't you go hang out at his blog? You're welcome to come back here when you grow up.