Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Five Feet of Petulance™.

Looks like the gravitationally-challenged one has a new environmental cause to hump.

Carbon Debits: sign me up
"Don’t let the threat of Carbon Credits get you down – take action! Right now you can purchase a Carbon Debit to help offset this insidious danger. With every Carbon Debit purchase we will:
* Kill (Shred) 1 Living Tree (see pictures of this being done)
* Send an email to Al Gore about your civic mindedness in buying Carbon Debits.
* Send an email to you certifying you are doing your part to save the Earth from Carbon Credits.

No, I’m not kidding.

Pay attention Five Feet of Asshat™: I could give a shit if you believe in global warming. But I am tired unto death of you ignorant fuckwits constantly trying to shit on other people’s efforts to do something about it. Fuck off. Seriously.


pretty shaved ape said...

I believe that should read altitudinally disadvantaged.

Southern Quebec said...

If only she could buy a brain as easily...

Grog said...

It must be the early hour - I misread the headline and saw "Flatulence" instead of "Petulance" - I still parsed it to the same source...

Cameron Campbell said...


¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

I won't grace her ugly little page with a visit, but we should give her credit for her dedication and success with HeightWatchers©.

E in MD said...

What a twatwaffle.

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with these people?

McSame was on CSPAN this morning and he said something that I thought made a lot of sense. I suppose his regular dose of anti-delusion medicine that he missed during his stroll around Baghdad had kicked in.

He said that if we work on climate change and we turn out to have been wrong the whole time we'll have but give a cleaner earth to our children.

But if we do nothing at all, and turn out to be correct on climate change then we'll have passed to our children an earth that is severely damaged and perhaps even beyond repair.

I think that's one of the few things McSame has said that I agree with. So what I fail to understand is why do Conservatives hate their children?

Is it really SO much of a bother to turn off a fucking light? To buy a LED or CF alternative to incandescent that will cost you less in the long run AND last you ten years?

Is it really such a hardship to purchase a vehicle that gets exceptional gas mileage and to demand such from Detroit and other car manufacturing centers? You get the added benefit of cleaner air and less resource waste but ultimately you're saving yourself money.

Is the 1/10th of a second it takes to toss a can or bottle into a recycling bin rather than a trash can really such a burden when the cost of creating new materials is so much higher than recycling older materials? Or better thermally insulating your home. Or putting up solar and wind and tidal power plans to capture the free energy all around us?

C'mon neo-cons. Stop being petulant little assholes and join the rest of humanity. You've gotta live on this planet too. Even if you can't see the value of getting Co2 out of the air you can at least see where you'd be saving yourself money in the long run. Less money spent in waste is more money you have to fight against us godless liberal heathens, right?

Boris said...

You know it's one thing to decry efforts to save the planet because you don't believe something, but it is another thing entirely to propose going out your way to damage it to prove your point.

Cameron Campbell said...

The other thing I don't get is that environmentalism in the end winds up being a HUGE business opportunity for people.

1) A whole new market has opened up.
2) New products are wanted
3) Most of these products need to be made locally if people get into cradle to grave auditing, so there will be local manufacturing jobs
4) A bunch of the jobs will be high-tech (or at least a lite version)
5) Industries will save money, be more efficient and better able to crush their competitors...

It just seems like a perfect conservative thing...

liberal supporter said...

The funny part is shredding the tree is nearly carbon neutral. It will stop fixing carbon, but the carbon it has fixed stays in the shreds. Her request for debit will therefore be denied, since she has not burned the tree.

But nobody expects these idiots to RTFM.

Ti-Guy said...

God, she's still the addled, counter-culture moron she always was. With her, it's never been about anything except being out of the mainstream (Look at me! I'm special!!!). She's still a moonbat; always was, always will be:

Then: Angy, drunken, irreligious counter-culture feminist parasite with poor impulse control;

Now: Raving, medicated, irreligious, fringe, feminazi (literally) parasite with poor impulse control.

Does anyone see a difference?

It'd be a hoot if I believed this persona is a result of some masterful creative impulse, but the sad fact is that it's derivative and always has been.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

I agree, Ti_Guy.

She loves disagreeing with people.

Cameron, I think that it would be the perfect conservative thing, except that lefties and liberals and so on are part of it, or at least appear to be. Therefore it sucks.

Chet Scoville said...

What the hell is wrong with these people? What, exactly, do they hope to win by doing this sort of thing?

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Chet: "What the hell is wrong with these people?"

As much as I hate to make sweeping generalizations, I think they may all be fucking retarded.

liberal supporter said...

What, exactly, do they hope to win by doing this sort of thing

Hits, and then Adsense revenue, of course.

Always, always, always, ALWAYS follow the money.

Pete (Alois) said...

Hey--here's a Person Type who doesn't often drop by your pages:

A climatologist!

I'm very touched by people who are trying to "do something" about nonexistent Global Warming, but at least they can't hurt anything (except their delicate sensibilities) by doing it.

BTW, y'all HAVE heard that the Global Warming Industry is collapsing due to more scientists bravely coming forth with, er, data that proves that it's all hogwash. Even Tennessee Senator Al GoreBot Jr. can't seem to stop his slide into "scientific" oblivion.

And also? Were I a Canadian, I would be just a wee bit concerned with the current lawsuit against the Height Challenged One and other bloggers that have made y'all uncomfortable on occasion. Your very freedom to call the rest of us "petulant little assholes" might be at stake--but, of course, you haven't figured that out yet. Kinda like the Global Warming thing.

liberal supporter said...

I see the CPC brain trust is completely tied up with preparing spin for the cops raiding their party offices story.

You'd think they'd have at least one third stringer to send over. But it looks like the best they can do is send one of their minor leaguers.

"Climatologist", indeed! Hahahahaha!

liberal supporter said...

And if you were an actual scientist, you know, one that can read data, you'd know the current lawsuit is for libel. Like claiming someone said something when they in fact did not.

Rest assured, my freedom to call you a pompous buffoon and a petulant little asshole will not be lost, you petulant little sock puppeting asshole.

By the way, how's it going, biff?

Pete (Alois) said...

Oh, I know all about what the lawsuit is for, biff. And I'm following it closely, 'cause your cousins in this country can't wait to ship all of us off to the gulags first chance they get for calling them leftards, or other mean and hurtful words.

What I was referring to is the fact that you all have been following uneducated cretins like the GoreBot (who never even got through Met 301 'cause he couldn't handle the calculus) and when he does a Chicken Little and screams THE SKY IS FALLING IN!!! you actually.... believed.... him.

And that's just scary. Period.

Like I said: It's obvious you've never heard from an actual climatologist before. You just keep on parroting what the GoreBot and his ilk tell you on public television.

LuLu said...

Shorter Pete (Alois): Blah, blah, blah ... Al Gore is fat!!!!


Red Canuck said...

I just find this whole thing so sad. 5 Feet of Retard actually wants to kill trees to express disagreement with climate change theory. What kind of fucked up mentality is that? Would Shaidle be ok with people who don't believe in Xmas going around killing other people on Christmas day just to be contrarian? She's a sociopath, plain and simple.

Oh and Pete/Biff, give it a rest. Actual climatologists around the world have endorsed climate change theory (IPCC ring any bells?), so get off your "Gore-bot" meme. If you disagree, fine. Just don't go killing trees out of spite like that crazy bitch Shaidle to prove your point.

sharonapple88 said...

Hearing from a climatologist? Would these do?





Second of all, the lawsuit (even if I disagree with it.. at least in principle) has nothing to do with insults. It does have to do with them passing the rumour that Warman posted racist remarks. And as we can see, the lawsuit has not stopped anyone from posting. I mean we have this rather "lovely" suggestion from fiveoffury to go kill a tree.

pete, since you believe in free speech, please don't forget to spread this blogger's case as well.

liberal supporter said...

your cousins in this country can't wait to ship all of us off to the gulags first chance they get for calling them leftards, or other mean and hurtful words
No your "cousins" can't wait to ship the rest of us all off to gulags for being what you call "leftards".

I'm sure you'd love to make your passive aggressive attacks stick, and somehow gain credibility by claiming you are in danger of being jailed for name calling. But it won't work. Since anyone here can out name call you any day, why would they need the State to help?

You are the one supporting leaders who are creating a police State, and you are the ones who wish to be able to imprison anyone who questions your leaders. You know, your meme that if you don't support the radical right wing agenda, then you are committing treason?

I've never seen Al Gore's movie. He is simply a popularizer, not a scientist. I do accept the IPCC's view that it is likely that half the observed warming is caused by human activity. For example, did you know Mars is warming? Just not as fast as the Earth.

I do not accept your view, which appears to be that "there is absolutely no global warming". A scientist of that view might say "it is unlikely that human activity is affecting the climate at all". A scientist would not make blanket absolute assertions, demanding that I agree.

You do not speak like a scientist. I do not believe you are a scientist.

liberal supporter said...

As for Five Feet of Folly, in my view, she is simply trying to get ad revenue through hits on her blog. Here she is being mocked and ridiculed, which does not translate into hits. Therefore, I believe you are here trying to beat the drum that she is being persecuted and freedom of speech is in peril.

Are you part of a campaign to get people to go to her blog and thereby help her revenue? You know, like a shill?

jj said...

"Your very freedom to call the rest of us "petulant little assholes" might be at stake..."

If I read one more comment from one more nitwit who doesn't understand the vast, huge, gaping difference between free speech and libel, I'll bite a chunk out of my keyboard.

Adam C said...

Hey--here's a Person Type who doesn't often drop by your pages:

A climatologist!

Actually I come by pretty regularly, although I don't comment as often as I used to. But thanks for the shout out!

Don't let me stop you from making shit up. I'd love to hear more about those brave, lonely scientists coming forward, with nothing to rely on but their brains and the meager financial resources of the plucky, mom-and-pop fossil fuel enterprises...

Pete (Alois) said...

I do love to make shit up. God damn!

(Except for the climatologist part. That wuz real.)

the rev. paperboy said...

I suppose if the neighbours bought a Prius, Five Feet of Petulance would start burning tires in her backyard just "balance things out"

And Biff, reading the weather report at the local Talk-radio station between Rush Limbaugh and "Doctor" Laura hardly makes you a climatologist.

liberal supporter said...

I thought he might be a proctologist, but they usually pull stuff out of other people's asses.