Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear CBC's John Bowman: What the FUCK is wrong with you?

Seriously, John ... when you have a publicly-accessible, regular feature entitled "Blog Watch", and you publish stupid shit like this, and you invite readers to comment, whereupon you simply let their comments languish in the moderation queue for hour after hour, well, really, what the hell is your problem?

Do us a favour, John, and turn over that space to someone who's not a total twit. After all, if you're going to "Blog Watch," you might start by watching your own damned blog, and looking after it properly.


Ti-Guy said...

My comment got moderated through rather quickly...*preen preen*

...although he did edit out the part where I called Stephen Taylor Leni Riefenstahl with better boobs.

Just kidding.

Pale said...


So he moderated cc's comment, and published another one. lol.
The Nazi's didn't act alone.....the German state helped...
In realityville, weren't the Nazi's .....the German state?
Blogging Tories, revising english and history on a daily basis. lol.

CC said...

While it's obvious that Bowman edited my submission given the ellipses that appear in the second paragraph, I don't recall what I might have had there, and all of the important content is, to the best of my knowledge, untouched so I have no objection to what was published under my moniker.