Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Das Meme

I have been meme tagged by the fabulous JJ of Unrepentant Old Hippie fame.

Meme: Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

In all modesty there is nothing about me that is "non-important". Thank you.


Oh all right then.

(1) I have worked and broken bread with more than one Oscar winner. More importantly, I am a recent runner-up in a very swanky awards thang.

(2) My cat is old enough to drive a car, vote and drink the booze.

(3) I was orphaned at 44 years of age.

(4) I am jonesing for a Real Brew Vanilla Cream Soda but there were none left at the health food store so I just cracked a China Cola.

(5) Chronic pain sucks.

(6) I play Ibanez guitars, of which I own five, through a vintage Fender Concert amp. I sold my old Vox AC-30 and I'd consider unloading the Fender just because it weighs a friggin' ton. Why must good sound be so damn heavy? There's a full p.a. system sitting in the hallway around the corner. There's about 136 diagonal inches of LCD screen in this room. I own an Xbox 360 and I still suck at every game known to human kind. None of my publishing bylines are with the school paper.

Okay. Now I'm supposed to hassle six other people. Hmm.

From the comments section, if you please...
e in md
liberal supporter


KEvron said...

uh, do what now?!




ps, you tagged seven.

pretty shaved ape said...

i'm an artsie. never said i could count.

James Bow said...

Don't forget I tagged you guys as well with a book meme.

Frank Frink said...

Why must good sound be so damn heavy?

Yeah, tell me about it. I'm a bass player. Wanna help me move the SVT (aka Teh Ampig)?

David said...

5 Ibanez guitars? Nice.

As for the 360, have you tried playing the old stuff like Ms. Pac Man, or Doom? Barring that, try Hexic; no coordination or twitch factor needed for that one, and it has lots of pretty colours. One last tip, how about Boom Boom Rocket?

KEvron said...



Ti-Guy said...

1. I have never been able to snap my fingers.
2. My blood type is AB-negative.
3. I can drive on the right hand side of the road.
4. I had the most wonderful experience any child could ever have: coming to school and seeing it on fire.
5. My favourite English word is "jejune."
6. I don't like raisins.

KEvron said...

yer not getting off that easy, fucko. name six volunteers.


E in MD said...

1. I hate telephones - this comes from 10 years in customer service.

2. In the years since I became politically conscious I've met only one conservative ( a Republican in Fla ) that I've felt respect for. He was well educated, well informed, well spoken, and over all seemed to be a decent human being a decent human being. AND he was an actual conservative, not one of these neo-con assholes.

We were both surprised that we agreed on a lot of things. We ended up getting blitzed and talked politics for over four hours until my buddies tossed us in the Gulf to shut us up.

One of him is worth the entire right-wing-nut-o-sphere.

3. Gentlemen prefer blondes. I however, prefer dark haired girls with dark eyes.

4. I'm considering buying a serviceable junker and converting it to be to plugin electric. I've discovered more than a few DIY sites around that seem to have plausible designs but the overall idea isn't that complicated. Then I'd like to drive it down to take my Congressfolk for a ride in it and ask them what the fuck is Detroit's excuse.

5. I make a wicked roasted vanilla pineapple skewer. ( Served over vanilla ice cream... MMmmmmm ).

KEvron said...

with the canadian six surging to seven, the american six plunges to five. fucking metric system.


pretty shaved ape said...

lol thanks for keeping our maths in line kevron. frank please tell me you aren't hauling one of those insane ampeg 8 x 10 cabinets. david, i've been struggling with halo 3 and having great laughs getting killed as my little fingers twitch away on the controller. also looking forward to getting into oblivion. james, i'll look for his book thing of which you speak.

Prole said...

I got tagged by JJ too - and I've tagged LuLu, so could you let her know when she's back in action?

Sheena said...

6 things - Slide into senility version...

AND OMFG! Word Verification is making me type "spuoj".

How RUDE can this blog get!!!

Frank Frink said...

frank please tell me you aren't hauling one of those insane ampeg 8 x 10 cabinets

Very, very rarely. I usually go with a 1 x 15 these days. Small club dates nowadays and not hockey barns, ya' know. But I still have Teh Pig in the rehearsal space, plus a 2 x 15 Trace Elliott. Options.