Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yes, I will deal with Richard shortly.

I'm a mite busy at the moment but, rest assured, I will take Richard Evans out to the woodshed soon and give him the beatdown he so thoroughly deserves. And, trust me, I will not have to exercise myself intellectually to do so.

I'm sure that last part was unnecessary.

DEAR RICHARD: With all due respect, piss off. Quite frankly, you've worn out your welcome here. You've had more than your fair share of comment time, and I'm drawing the line. If you have any more to say, feel free to say it at your site, and if anyone wants to know what you think, they can help themselves.

But, at this point, you're simply a broken record.


Archer said...

"silence others opinions by threatening"


The guy has had a forum for his views here for ages. CC even links to his blog for those who want to continue reading Mr. Evans thoughts but need help in finding them.

That is not silencing.

Is it possible you are being a little over-dramatic?


Where? Oh, you don't mean a physical threat, do you? So the "threat" you refer to is just that CC doesn't want to play a stupid Internet game anymore.

Some threat.

Is it possible you are again being a little over-dramatic? Mmmm?

"Good luck, commies."

What a thoroughly asinine remark.

Do you have any idea what you are actually saying here?

No. I didn't think so.

I am kind of new to Canadian Cynic, but I am already developing a fresh perspective and understanding of the glorious concept of "right wing dumbassitude".

Thank-you, Mr. Anonymous, for assisting with my education.

CC said...

I apologize for deleting the comment to which "archer" was responding, but I think he captures the flavour nicely, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. The SDA 2.0 site has not been added to since 2005. It's just been sitting there. Why L'Evans would fixate on it and predictably enough call in his e-thug homeboys when he started looking more assholish than usual, is a mystery.

Does anybody really think he, or kate gives a damn about that site? Or is this just being used as a cudgel to try and knock people around with for not doing what Richard wants?

Gosh... I really should try to remember the password to the SDA2.0 site.

I note that "http://no-libs.net" is a redirect to Canadian Cynic.

CC you sly fox! ;)

CC said...

Um ... I have no idea who's responsible for that http://no-libs.net redirect, but it wasn't me.

Archer said...

You know, the original "Mr. Anonymous" comment I was responding to was so stupid that it absolutely deserved to be ignored or deleted.

I usually don't respond to that sort of thing (maybe that's your job) but I have been a lurker here for a few months now and I wanted to get my feet wet at Canadian Cynic and contribute a little bit.

This is now a daily "must see" blog for me and though I don't agree with everything said or how it is said, I am nonetheless very grateful that you folks write the way you do. When elements of the right wing are so completely divorced from logic and reason, someone sure as hell has to.


the rev. said...

... busy at the moment but, rest assured, I will take Richard Evans out to the woodshed soon and give him the beatdown he so thoroughly deserves.

Hey, I'm not for one minute saying he doesn't deserve an intellectual beatdown, and I'd be happy to help put the boot in, but if you have to do it at my place, at least hose the place out and fumigate it when you're done. I hate it when the woodshed gets infested with troll lice.