Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seriously, what the FUCK is wrong with Steve Janke?

Really, this is beyond mockworthy and thoroughly into creepy.


Scotian said...

For a change I decided to click through to see what of Janke's work (as normally I don't bother commenting on your Janke posts as I don't care to read his blog anymore) had caused this post of yours CC. At the risk of asking the utterly obvious, why does Janke assume the evidence has to be tied to the homeowner and not the three men that were in his home when they murdered his wife? Is it not at all possible there is some evidence for a link or trail in that regard? I mean really, and then to be speculating all over the place about the legal grounds for why a second search warrant was issued talking with some knowledge about the American precedents and active law while he cannot cite any knowledge/understanding of any part of the relevant Canadian law as he admits openly in that post only underscores his problems with even speculating in an informed manner on this matter given American law is irrelevant in this case. It is also as you say more than a little creepy that he is so fixated on this unless this has some sort of personal relevance (like living near there or someone close to him doing so, I really don't read Janke anymore since his Sheehan crusades so I have no idea how fixated or why he might be on this particular case) or connection, especially given the undertones regarding the ethic elements mixed in here. You can see he is clearly considering some sort of honour/relgious/ethic motivated killing from someone's side because of the interfaith marriage despite from what his post said the silence from the police on specifics is this case. Should I infer that Janke has some sort of thing about ethic violence especially where Muslims and Sikhs are concerned?

In any event I agree with you that this is a bit too creepy to mock in your usual fashion and can see why you chose to let it stand as you did. I do not understand Mr. Janke's fixation/obsession with seeing himself as some sort of journalist given his record of factual deficiencies and his willingness to assume/speculate wildly on limited grounds to do so (this is what I saw in the Sheehan crusades that most disgusted me, although close behind was why he was so fixated on an American anti-Iraq war protestor given he is Canadian and we are not a member of the Iraq Coalition of the Willing despite Harper’s and the CA/CPC's preference that we should have been at the outset) but all it seems to have done is undercut his credibility outside of the CPC echo chamber and those who would be comfortable within it.

Adam C said...

Dear Steve: I know what it means! I know what it means! The police think that maybe someone wanted to kill her!

I can't decide whether it's creepy or jaw-droppingly stupid.

Alison said...

I find it helps to read it in a Rod Sterling Twilight Zone voice:

"Say I break into a home and kill someone in the living room. I go into the kitchen for a sandwich, then make good my escape but leave my wallet on the counter behind the mustard..."

Really. Give it a try.

Red Tory said...

Janke’s fixation is bizarre to say the least. I’m going to put it down to side-effects from the discount toothpaste he’s brushing his choppers with these days.