Friday, July 06, 2007

Dear Paladiea: A sign of things to come.

Me: "See, Richard, you can't compare your situation and Meaghan's because there are significant differences, which I will now proceed to outline in rigorous and excruciating detail."

Richard: "Is not!"

Good luck, Paladiea. When you get an overwhelming urge to talk to the grownups again, well, you know where to find us.

AFTERSNARK: It is truly breathtaking how quickly the lies begin over at LFR. Consider the first sentence of the first comment on that article, by LFR contributor Gamil Gharbi:

I like how they call you a fascist for legally regestering [sic] a website.

First, "they"? "They?" And who would these "they" be? A quick perusal of my blog post in question shows precisely one person who used that expression:

Yeabbut, Richard knows that if he's dealing with someone completely pseudonymous, there's no real legal recourse...none that's been established with cyber-stalking and online harrassment laws, as far as I know, or nothing that the police will take all that seriously, unless there's evidence that Richard does in fact know the identities of the people he's harrassing (which might have been obtained illegally).

What Richard *does* hope for is that you eventually out yourself, so you can no longer have the advantages pseudonymity provides, thus circumscribing your freedom of expression. Richard's a true fascist, in every sense of the word...

By Ti-Guy.

So, there is no general "they," is there? Rather, there is simply a "he." But it gets better.

If you read Ti-Guy's comment, he is clearly not making the accusation in the context of merely registering a domain name as Gharbi claims, is he? Oh, no, Ti-Guy is clearly discussing this in a larger context, which makes Gharbi a pathetic, lying little fuckwad. Kind of like Richard, which I'm sure is why they get along so well.

I feel sorry for you, Paladiea. The longer this goes on, the less reputation you're going to have left to preserve. I tried to warn you.


Crabgrass said...

I know you are but what am I?

Paladiea said...


I'm not happy with Richard participating in this.

Nor am I pleased to be reviewing his submission so confirm it meets the guidelines.

However, if he's trying to be civil isn't that a good thing?

canucklehead said...

Wait till the response that tears him a new one.
We'll see how civil he is when he's exposed for the stark-naked hack that he is.

the rev. said...

If ya lie down with dogs, don't be surprised to get up with fleas Paladiea. Again, I admire your intent, I think it's noble. And I admire your strong stomache.

But I think you are gonna want a long, long, shower when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Trying to be civil? The guy still has somenamedia pointed at Stormfront.

Seriously - civil rational discussion and Richard Evans are mutually exclusive things.


Richard Evans said...

Trying to be civil? The guy still has somenamedia pointed at Stormfront.

With all due respect, it's my domain and I can point it where ever I wish. Being civil doesn't start and end with capitulating to your demands Meaghan.

As far as the debate goes, It'll be civil enough. I plan on using it as another example of how the left can't assert/maintain an opinion without resorting to ad homs, emotional rhetoric, mud slinging and misdirection.

Think of it as a test of wills. Which side will break down first? I'm willing to wager that if either CC or thai-guy are commenting, you'll lose "civility high ground" within the first 7 responses.

Ti-Guy said...

See, Paladiea?....Thai-Guy. Richard thinks the accusation of sex-tourism, pedophilia and child-raping is hilarious. And let's not even get into the depravity of someone calling himself "Gamil Gharbi." I don't think anyone needs to be reminded that this was the birth name of the Ecole Polytechnique mass-murderer, Marc Lepine.

Why on Earth would anyone associate with that? What's the problem? Nothing good on the teevee?