Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And burning witches wasn't such a bad idea, either.

Over at Big Blue Wave, batshit crazy Catholic loon, fetus fetishist and Blogging Tory SUZANNE gives us ignorant humanists a quick history lesson:

Once the Church accepts a doctrine, she doesn't reject it. That's one thing all people must understand.

Yes ... and how is that geocentric universe working out for you, SUZANNE?

P.S. Please, someone tell me that that doesn't count because it was never part of Church "doctrine." Please, please, please. Really, make my day.


Red Tory said...

Here’s a gut-buster. According to Suzanne, in the 16th century “History was not a very developed area of knowledge” from which she argues that the Protestant reformers were on shaky ground in making assertions about the original intents of the Christian church, as these couldn’t be reasonably apprehended from the limited, inchoate information available. Yet she has no problem accepting that everything in Catholic orthodox dogma has as basis solidly grounded in history that’s absolutely incontrovertible. Uh-huh.

CC said...

Dear RT:

That's "SUZANNE," not "Suzanne." Because when you reach a certain level of batshit craziness, lower case letters will simply not do you justice anymore.

Red Tory said...

My mistake.

Maybe I should take to referring to JJ as JOANNE from now on too.

mikmik said...

When did 'she' accept the doctrine that 'she' is a 'she'?
There is something far more sinister at work in these wingnut brains than mere curdling by prions and sticky plaque buildup.
Aughh... I have these visions of 7 year olds playing tea, play-acting at being mature and grown up.

But when 7 year old intellects play-act at being progressively feminist while sanctimoniously defending the most chauvinist institution in history... Do these people have the slightest idea how badly they 'just don't get it'?
You know what I mean: If you got it, you always had it; and if you don't got it, you never will.
Suzanne is charting painful new territory for 'don't got it, never will'. How embarrassing.

E in MD said...

Once the Church accepts a doctrine, she doesn't reject it. That's one thing all people must understand.

Does she mean like the church's stance on unbaptized baby's going to limbo that the Pope just flip-flopped on because "Too many babies are dying unbaptized"?

Catholic Church Buries Limbo after Centuries

pretty shaved ape said...

no more limbo? but...but...the dead babies were so adorable trying to get under the bamboo pole with the nice calypso music.

WhattheH said...

Oh my goodness. I ordinarily lurk, and very rarely post comments, however, I have learned from past experience that to follow your links teaches me that there are truly demented people in Canada. In this particular case, Wow-o-wow. Notwithstanding the ignorance of history, the ignorance of law, the ignorance of the teachings of Jesus...just wow.

WhattheH said...

P.S. Did you see The Hour with Tony Campolo?